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Utah Resorts Announce Pass Deal

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From Ski Utah 

BREAKING NEWS!! Passholders at Alta Ski Area,Deer Valley ResortPark City Mountain Resort, andSnowbird Ski and Summer Resort can now enjoy three days of skiing/snowboarding at each of the other three resorts during 2013-14 winter season.


Using Alta as an example, their season pass last year was $1199.  They have not announced their prices for this coming season. 

The added benefit is three days at each of the other three resorts.  This will be a nice benefit for those who already buy a pass at these areas.  


I forget how spoiled we are in Tahoe with inexpensive pass' 

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As you already know, this deal is a result of Vail Associates buying Canyons and including the resort in the EPIC PASS family (includes Colorado and Lake Tahoe and perhaps some skiing in Europe).  The Utah resorts had to do something to remain competitive, and they did it by coming out with their deal less than a week before Canyons comes out with their new season pass pricing (2013-14 was already going to be  more aggressive than Deer Valley and PCMR before VR took over).  Competition helps lower prices, and we will now see how low VR sets a seasons pass at Canyons.  The locals and out of state ski home owners are now getting a better bang for their buck thanks to the Vail Resorts purchase of a UT ski resort.

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Alta and Snowbird put their 2013-14 season pass prices on their websites.

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It wasn't long ago the Cottonwood Canyon boys were miffed at the PC trio for the Olympic slight. 

But with the landing of the Evil Empire star destroyer - I guess we'll let bygone be bygone. 


As quant said - the skiers are the ones to benefit.

Seriously considering a Bird pass for the season.   

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Well, VR now has Canyons on the EPIC passes so the aggressive pricing is now in Utah.  $689 is a lot less than $1199!  We will have to see how low the other passes are priced in response. PCMR, for example, is $780 w/o parking and $1,030 with parking (with most areas parking is not a financial issue).



Unlimited skiing and riding with holiday restrictions at Canyons, Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood with unlimited, unrestricted access at Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin. Also includes a total of 10 days at Vail and Beaver Creek with holiday restrictions.

$529 Adult / $409 Teen / $269 Child

Canyons, Vail, Beaver Creek, Heavenly, Northstar & Kirkwood restricted: 11/29/13- 11/30/13, 12/26/13-12/31/13, 1/18/14, 2/15/14-2/16/1
Buy Now >


Unlimited skiing or riding at Canyons, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Arapahoe Basin and Eldora. - NO BLACKOUTS. Now includes 5 free days at Verbier, Switzerland and 5 free consecutive days at Arlberg, Austria.

$689 Adult / $359 Child

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Brighton and Solitude put together a joint pass for $999.  Announced this week.

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Originally Posted by marznc View Post

Brighton and Solitude put together a joint pass for $999.  Announced this week.

This is were is gets interesting for the consumer.  Brighton and Solitude have a combined total of 2,050 skiable acres for $999.  Canyons has 4,000 skiable acres for $529-$689 PLUS Colorado and Lake Tahoe skiing.  PCMR has roughly 3,700 skiable acres for $1,030 (including parking) plus you get three free days at a bunch of other resorts plus a couple of tickets for friends.   I see the consumer winning big time, but some resorts will lose and be forced to sell.


Vail Resorts can still make money off cheaper season pass pricing (if for any reason they don't make it up in the volume of additional locals buying season passes) because any loss in revenue from the lower pricing is made up in other areas.  VR is currently the best at booking more skier days from domestic and foreign tourists.  VR also makes money from the property management of over 4000 rooms.  These tourists also spend money on the mountain in the winter and off season.  So VR picks up revenue when visitors buy fishing poles, buy gas, eat, drink, sleep, golf, rent equipment, ski, etc.  Is VR the "Evil Empire" as KingGrump suggests?  I don't think so.  The firm is the dominate player with increasing revenue in a shrinking industry.  As a public company they have access to capital and are profit motivated, serving the shareholders without concern for the financial well being of the competition.  I'll bet Canyons will not be the only resort they manage in UT.  If PCMR is the loser in the lease suit, Powdr may sell.  If not, one of the four Cottonwood resorts may be next.  The SkiLink is on hold for now with Talisker out of the picture and Bob Katz simply stating that VR is studying the idea.  The Interconnect idea is not dead, and in fact could be stronger than ever with VR in the picture.

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Although Solitude hasn't announced it yet apparently they have a deal with Telluride in the works.  Telluride lists 3 free days at Solitude on their page of pass "extras."  The rumor is that the deal is reciprocal.

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Telluride just verified that Solitude passholders get three free days!  No word from Solitude yet whether that means Soli only passholders or BCC passholders.

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Here is a good article from the Salt Lake Tribune about most of the UT season pass deals:



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Originally Posted by marznc View Post

Alta and Snowbird put their 2013-14 season pass prices on their websites.

Thank you, was looking for this

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