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I remember trading message with Bob Peters regarding his ski streak and Europe summer options in prior to Summer 2011. We were heading to France to visit my wife's family and I had planned to get my August and stay an extra 2 weeks to get my September turns. Normally I would head to South America, but I was already in Europe. Initially it started as just getting my turns then it evolved into skiing all (or most) glacier that still had lifts going. There were 7 areas still going at the end of August, I managed to ski at 6.


I believe I've already posted links on Epic for my 2 days in France:




La Meije-Les Deux Alpes


Normal life got into the way of posting the rest of my TRs (which were basically written back in Europe). I've posted the Zermatt TR a few weeks on my blog Ski Mad World. Tonight it was Saas-Fee's turn. I got 2 ski days  done back-to-back on a combo ticket that set me back 120 CHF. Considering that a single day ticket at cost 80 CHF, it was a bargain.

Two very different areas, both beautiful. Here is a sample of both TRs. Click on link for the words and a bunch of pictures in each TR. Going after a ski streak does have its advantages.

Zermatt CH : August 24, 2011 – Classic!!!




Saas-Fee CH : August 25, 2011 – Between Zermatt and Zürich



Hopefully I can finishing posting the rest of the Alps Summer 2011 TRs. Two more ski areas left.