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What ski's to buy?

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So I want to buy ski's, but am not sure what kind to buy. I've gone skiing since i was little (started ~12 years ago), but never more than 1 week a year. Ill probably go more often in years to come, so I figured buying skis is a good investment. 

I prefer powder skiing, but also want to be able to ski moguls , as well as doing a some tricks(so twintips might be a good idea?). A friend of mine got these Rossignol's a while back, that aren't pure-powder ski's, but theyre still a lot broader and longer than e.g. freestyle twintips. I was advised against getting this kind, as they apparently make skiing moguls very difficult because of their length. What I'm basically looking for is a mix of all kinds, with off-piste and mogul possibilities having top priority. Can you guys give me advice?


Also, what skis length should i get with my length (198 cm, ~6'5") and weight(83 kg or 180 lbs). 

Thanks so much in advance! 


Best regards,


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looks like you are looking for a good all mountain ski, something from 85 to 105 underfoot. where do you usually ski? for length looks like you are gonna be looking at the longest ski assuming a 3 or 4 sizes model.
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Usually ski in Fiescheralp, Switzerland or Val Thorens, France. Any ski's you could recommend me? 

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