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I don't see a lot of For Trade posts, so even if you see this a few months on, feel free to get in touch since I think this trade may take some time to figure out:


I've got: 2012 Blizzard Bonafides in 180cm, mounted with 2013 Marker Griffons (the ones that have an adjustable height AFD and go up to DIN 13; mounted for BSL 315, w/ a good range of adjustability). The combo is in good shape, with ~20 days, no core shots, and only one grind. It's got the expected topsheet scratches and such, but nothing major.


I want: Blizzard Kabookie (173 or 180) or similar, ideally with Marker Tour F12 or Barons though I will consider a Griffon. The whole point is that I want to switch my current setup to something I can make dual-use for touring, so a little lighter, a little shorter, and perhaps a little softer would be cool. I'm open to something besides a Kabookie, but I really do love the shape/style of the Bonafide, and I already have a Rocker 2 w/ Barons for the deeper days. 


The major caveat is that I'm located in Germany, but I come back and forth to the U.S. pretty regularly. I'll almost definitely be on both the East and West coasts around November. Also, if you're thinking about coming to the St. Anton gathering... we can probably arrange to swap there.