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I recently purchased a pair of Manaslu skis. I really liked them, but the cap construction failed and they got sent in for warrenty replacement. The edge delaminated during my trip to Mt Hood, and the Enchantments in WA. The guys at the warranty center have asked if I would be interested in something else. After thinking about things a bit I looked into some of the other offerings Dynafit has. I ruled out the Huskaran, but the Stoke cought my eye. The guy said that ski was being replaced by the Grand Teton.

Things that attract me to that ski is it has tail rocker while the Stoke does not. Its wider and a bit better for powder. And I believe it has full sidewall construction. I know its heavier, but its not bad based on information that I have found on evo's website.

Should I just stick with the Manaslu, Which I was happy with (except for the edge delamination, which is a known downside to capped skis) or try the new Grand Teton, which is about 11mm wider at the waist and 5cm shorter and about 75g heavier? The sidewall construction should be more durable ... and the tail rocker will keep handling closer to that of the Manaslu opposed to a flat tail.