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Alpina Cross Terrain

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Ski Make: Alpina
Ski Model: Cross Terrain
Ski Length: 180 (102 64 87)
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomed, Corn Snow
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Nordic = Intermediate
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 29
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 100
Other Skis You Like: Alpina Tracker
Your Height/Weight: 6'0" 175#

This is a backcountry ski with a waxless, "fishscale" base and full metal edge. This review will compare the Cross Terrain to the Tracker (68 52 60) also a waxless, "fishscale" base but 3/4 metal edge. These skis are used with the Alpina BC 1550 boot.

Going uphill, the Cross Terrain is noticeably heavier than the Tracker. It does not kick and glide very well, which I expected. However, the large surface area of the fishscale base grips good, and I could walk up a steeper pitch before having to herringbone than with the Tracker.

The tips of the Cross Terrain tend to dig in when going over lumpy snow and obstacles, while the Tracker, with a higher, softer tip would ride up and over bumps.

Going downhill, the Cross Terrain is a much more stable platform than the Tracker. Cautious parallel turns and even carved turns were possible on soft groomed. Compared to an Alpine ski, edge hold was poor, probably because the fish scales are higher than the edges.

In corn snow, the Cross Terrain was a blast making tele turns. This ski wants to turn at and is more stable at higher speeds than the Tracker.

The Tracker is a better ski for covering distance. The Cross Terrain is the better ski for downhill turns. I'm looking forward to riding the lift up and using the Cross Terrain to explore the backcountry with perhaps a short flat or uphill trek back to the lift.

Both these skis are best on soft snow days - powder, corn, or spring/summer slush.
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Were you able to skate either ski?
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The Tracker skates fairly well, but of course not as well as a race ski. I didn't think to try skating the Cross Terrain, as I was breaking trail most of the time.

I'm eager to spend more time on the Cross Terrain, and later on this season should have more info.
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