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Surface Skis

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Looking for a stablemate for my Blizzard Supersonics. The stats; 6', 225LB, advanced, East Coast,45 plus days on snow per year as a Patroller. Thinking about  Surface Skis Save Life. Any thoughts from my fellow CSP/NSP Patrollers?

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The Save Life is a really good price for 'trollers but it gets mixed reviews. I mounted two pairs for patrollers - one with AT bindings, one with tele. I strongly recommend that you talk directly with the folks at Surface to get their input on the mount location - it seems to vary from the mid-boot mark.

I skied them and I thought they were difficult to find the sweet spot. The guy that had the AT mount hated them and ditched them, but the guy that has the tele mount loves them and rips on them daily.

So, caveat.
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Thanks Bob, will do.

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The recommended mount point on the Save Life in both the 172 and 182 is -3cm from true center of the ski.

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Judging from the change in dimensions, the 2014 appears to be a different animal.
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