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There's the rub...

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I was thinking of bumping the Summer on the Grill thread for this but this rub, these ribs, are a thing of beauty.  In fact they may rival a master piece.

To quote Shakespeare's Hamlet


To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there's the rub,


To recap - While we were at Arapahoe Basin for Mother's day weekend, Philpug made slabs of ribs with a rub that Segbrown brought to the ski house.  Since then I have been looking for a repeat performance, in fact I guess you could say I've been dreaming of ribs........

Then Segbrown came through and shipped us a tub of it, which I'm trying out today on some Beef Ribs. 

Thanks Seg.  You rock!!






I hope Phil approves. biggrin.gif


We should be sinking our teeth into them in about 2 hrs

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We were stuck with eating NE clam chowder and lobsters. THEN, we had to have cheesecake for dessert...
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Damned transporter's down again. Stupid dylithiam crystals...mad.gif
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Want some rub recipes? Check these out.  Meathead's Memphis Rub is a personal fav. It's a great site for cooking techniques as well.

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I should have taken pictures when it was ready to sink our teeth into.  

Whiteroom, we should have a BBQ together, eh? 

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TC, check out the Raley's free magazine this month.  It has a recipe for Saratchi ribs.  I used a variation of the sauce on Saturday on a rack of pork ribs.     Before applying it I  cooked the ribs on the grill for about an hour with my own rub (I don't like doing ribs in the oven or in water) and then applied the sauce for the lastt 15 minutes.  Turned out excellent, the grill calmed down the sauce just nicely (I had gone heavy on the saratchi and when I tasted the sauce I was a little bit worried i might have overdone it!)

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