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Can I walk on my knee immobilizer?

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Had my surgery for a torn quadricep tendon last Wednesday. 4 or 5 days ago. Used the walker and crutches for a while. Now I want to walk with the good leg and put light weight on the bad knee while bracing myself with a crutch on the other side or holding onto the walker for balance. Has anyone else done this. Have not been in for my first po-op check yet. 

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I'd totally wait until I could ask the surgeon. Often, if your next appointment is quite a ways ahead, you can call the surgeon's office and pose the question so someone can call you back with the answer. A tendon repair like that involves reanchoring the tendon in the bone or reattaching separated pieces of tendon, either of which require significant healing before being put to stresses again.
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Plenty have & have gotten to experience the surgery all over again.

Call or wait until post OP session!
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call your doctor! Why would you take or even want our advice?

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