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Ruptured Achilles Tendon

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     I ruptured my Achilles Tendon the beginning of May, (not skiing) . Was operated on May 15. I'm wondering if any of you know the time of recovery? I have gone

   from a cast with crutches to a big boot with crutches, now just the boot. I'm finally starting re/hab. Any information would help, or you can tell of your experience. Thank You 

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Probably should be in the fitness, injury and recovery section.

Depending upon age, your level of fitness and your goals, you should be OK next fall.

I ruptured my Achilles the Saturday after Thanksgiving (my third day skiing that season) in 1996, when I was 56, had the pieces pulled back together surgically a week later, spent the rest of the winter on crutches with a series of new casts, the walking cast, the walking boot, etc., and returned to skiing a year later at Thanksgiving.

Most of my rehab was spent on a table getting the knots worked out of my calf and on a balance board that tipped every direction. I also spent a couple weeks walking on a treadmill surrounded by mirrors so I could get the foot straight while walking.

Biggest issue ever since is that foot has remained a half size larger, creating boot fitting problems.
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   I spent last winter skiing Alta so I was in relatively good condition. I stretched forward playing a new sport and did the Tendon and broke the ankle. Right now my bad ankle is an inch bigger the the good one. I do hope it will get to normal before the ski season. 

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I ruptured my AT in January and was skiing the following year. Recovery was 80% with lingering neuropathy in foot,  tingling, pins and needles etc. No pain, however. Good luck.

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Ray, best of luck in your recovery. It's noteworthy that you ruptured it starting a new sport; It's easy for us, who are good in some sports, to overuse our tendons or ligaments in new sports. I also injured my achilles from overuse when I started longboarding a month ago, though nowhere near as seriously as you. Let us know how it goes. 

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      I did the damage playing (Pickle ball) for the first time. It's a cross between Tennis and Racquet ball. I used to

    teach both sports so it had to be easy, right. Well I taught Tennis 20 years ago and Racquet ball 30 years ago.

    My mind doesn't conseive of the past being a long time ago, and can't believe my body isn't what it used to be.

    For the first time I realized I had gotten older. 

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I "fractured" my achilles in December while skiing. Not fun at all.

Still not able to run but can do just about anything else. Working very hard to be near 100% this winter, a year after.. Gym and PT is huge once your doctor clears you. I also started riding a stationary bike daily in my aircast about 3 or 4 weeks after surgery. (Clear that with the doc)

How have thing been since your last post? Best of luck!
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       I finally started rehab, my second today. It seems to be going well so far. My fine tuning sucks. I have a hard time keeping my balance, and

   there is a big difference between the size of my calfs. I'm in a rush to get in skiing shape because I just got my Alta season pass.   

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