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Taking the System out of System Bindings

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If you follow tech talk over on TGR, you may have seen this already.


I have a pair of 07-08 Nordica Afterburners that have been sitting in a corner of my basement for the past 3 seasons. Why? you ask...because they kept trying to get me killed.  They came with the Marker branded as Nordica system bindings (3-11 DIN) and the damn things wouldn't stay attached to my boots.  Twice I came out of these things for no reason at all in spots that were "no-fall" zones (Great Scott at Snowbird and the cliff zone on Red Line at Magic).  I was lucky and the falls did not permanently maim me.  These were not the only 2 premature releases...it happened frequently in all conditions.  I know all about forward pressure and how to set it; I did so before almost every ski day and yet they kept coming off.  So I gave up on a pair of skis that I truly loved.


Fast forward to this week...I'm jonesing to do something ski related so I decided to see how I could make those skis work.  I looked at the rails and the ski seemed quite flat underneath...not so with many system skis, especailly the old Atomic Beta series...Anyway, I started removing the Torx screws that held the rails in place and was able to get them off with minimal effort (and swearing).  There was a nice flat area for mounting bindings although Large Baron/Duke/Tour bindings would not work because of the length of the binding mount...actually the mounting plates were fine but the back end of the mechanism where the climbing aid is housed extended onto a raised protion of the ski and wouldn't allow engagement of the binding with the mounting plate...TMI?


I've been mounting my own skis for years...have all the tools and use paper templates...the ones on TGR are fantastic.  I filled the old holes with epoxy and I mounted up a pair of Axials that I had lying around.  They went in easy peazy with no hole conflicts.


So now I'm wondering how they will ski...the stand height is considerably lower...in my mind that is good but it will be interesting to see if they ski as well as they used to.  Now we just need snow.

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Just hoping that I'll find flat surfaces on the Dobermann Spitfires ,,,,,,,,,,,, Will look but I'm not hopeful !!!!  :dunno

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There are system bindings and then there are SYSTEM bindings ......


Not really familiar with all the brands of system bindings, but I've managed to remove 4 different Nordica system bindings and 2 Blizzards, remounting my own binding choice, all with no noticeable problems in both mounting and skiing.  You may have to get a little creative e.g. Fire Arrow 84 EDTs, but that's half the fun!

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For several years now I have "modified" those system based skis, by doing what you have discovered.


As long as you have a flat top skin in the binding area and installing traditional bindings such as the Salomon's Drivers you get security and great performance.


Have taken the plastic rails in the Fischer skis. No negative aspects.


One condition. You have to know how to install bindings, that is measure, measure and then drill.


A dying art.



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