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Advice on hut to hut trip

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Me and a couple of buddies do a ski trip every year and want to do a hut to hut 2 / 3 night loop trip this year.  I'm thinking Colorado would be the most convenient given the fact that you can get to the 10th mountain division huts trailheads within a couple of hours from the Denver airport. 


Curious to know if there are any circuits anyone can recommend or any other hut systems that I may not know about that are not absolutely brutal to skin into.



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The Alfred Braun Hut's out of Aspen,  are administered by the 10Th Mt. system.  The Barnard, Goodwin Green and Markley hut make a nice circuit.

If you flew into ASE, you could do it without a car.


The administrator of the 10th system posts on TGR  sometimes.

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What kind of terrain are you looking for, and what's your avy knowledge/experience?  And also what's your idea of 'brutal'?  For some people, 5 miles is a full on expedition and for others 10 miles is an afternoon stroll.  You'll probably find more interesting ski terrain at the huts shredhead listed...  I've never been to those specific huts, but I've been to Taggert/Green Wilson which is part of that system... great terrain around that area, but lots of avy terrain in that region.  If you want more mellow, 'safer' terrain check out some of the 10th mtn options around the vail region.  If you've never done a hut trip before, I'd actually recommend picking one hut and doing a few nights at the same spot... let's you relax and explore the area.

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One have never seen mentioned but could be a fun one is Resurrection Pass on the Kenai in Alaska. It would be more of a touring trip than alpine, but some great alpine possibilities available.  Used to hike it a couple times a summer, and it can be pretty spectacular.  Doing this in March/April you could get some really nice long days.  At least 3 routes in and out of the system and a really nice cabin up on the pass.


It could be a stealer trip for snowmobile skiing.  This would be poor guys copter skiing.

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Resurrection Pass on the Kenai in Alaska.  Never really seen it mentioned but it could be a very unique experience.  The access to the pass is more touring than Alpine, but there would a lot of great alpine possibilities once you are up in the pass.  There are 3 access routes and a really nice Forest Service cabin up in the alpine you could ski from.  


Hiked it several times years ago and the thought then was what a great poor mans copter trip it would be with a f snowmobile.

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Not sure what your goal is, but a 2-3 night loop sounds like you are spending every day skiing with a big pack on.  Different strokes....., but I prefer skiing into a hut and staying for a couple of nights so that I can get some up and down skiing around the hut before moving on.  The driving to trailhead, ski/climb in, etc. usually takes about 1/2 day, which gives you some time to chill in the afternoon and maybe take a couple short runs near the hut.  Next day you can cover some ground and explore the terrain around the hut, maybe bag and ski a peak, or lap some sweet area, possibly returning to the hut for lunch and a short nap before afternoon turns. Next day ski in the morning and then grab the packs and ski out in the afternoon.  That's 3-days with a lot more pack free turns than going hut to hut. 


It also makes planning easier because you only need one hut and one start/end point.  I've been at a hut when it dumped overnight and it was great to be one of the guys skiing fresh powder, instead of one of the guys breaking trail with a heavy pack in deep snow for 9 miles trying to find the next hut in a storm. 


Just a suggestion from a guy who likes huts, but not skiing up or down with a big pack on.

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