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Did I go too big?

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Hi all, I'm new here (first post).  So, hello.  I know opinions will vary on this and there's not really a right answer...


I just pulled the trigger on last year's Moment Jaguar Shark 192's ($443 shipped, ordered Friday got 'em Tuesday!!).  This will be the first pair of skis I've owned since I was a kid - I'm 30 now and have been mostly snowboarding since I was 13.  I started mixing in skiing again a couple years ago, demoing skis to see what the new tech has to offer.  I still snowboard about 15-20 days a year, and ski about 10-15.


After pulling the skis out of the plastic and standing on them, they sure do look BIG! 


Here's my details:

6'1", 180 lbs, Type III


I ski mostly Kirkwood and almost exclusively Tahoe (usually deep and heavy) and prefer steep terrain (anything off chair 10, Thunder Saddle, Sentinel Bowl are my favorites).  Not really looking to ride super technical tree lines or rocky stuff quite yet (that's what my snowboard does), but will stick mostly to more open pitch pow/crud for now with aspirations to ski everywhere, any time.  On steep groomers, I definitely like the fall line.


I went longer (192's) because of the 15/20 tip rocker, ski mostly inbounds, and will be on my snowboard (for now) when skiing rocky steeps and tight trees.  I ski and ride quite aggressively; I'm rarely passively standing on my skis enjoying a joy ride.  I've skied various similar skis in the 185-190 range, but have not had an opportunity to take out the Jag Sharks.


Would I have been better off on the 187 Jag Sharks for an all-rounder?  Will I get overwhelmed on steeps and in tighter terrain on the longer ski, or will the '92's be the big, fall line killing badass m-fer's I'll love forever?

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Man up.  If you are type III and that size you should be able to handle a 192.  Unless you're a very solid all around skier you'd probably prefer something shorter in tight trees and bumps.  Skiing them anyway... if they are a little over your head.... will make you a better skier.  See what I did there?rolleyes.gif.

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If they're too big, ski faster biggrin.gif.

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Sweet.  Straight and fast is my style anyways.  I was kinda subscribing to the "buy the ski to suit the type of skier you aspire to be" mentality anyways.  Now only 120 something days to wait...

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