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Pretty skis :)

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All mine and ready for bindings!


Hopefully I'll ski the short GPOs yet this summer locally.


The longer GPOs in the "Sun" top ski and the custom Protest with the Pompeii top skin will likely have to wait for the first big storm of the 2013/14 season.  Praxis is doing so really cool stuff!  Custom flex, custom top sheets....made the way you want them.  Their hands to your feet!




They just arrived last night and had me literally shaking with excitment.   An early birthday to myself :)   And some really amazing skis by the look of it so far.

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Congratz on the self-made birthday present!


Just need some fluffy white stuff in the background to complete the awesomeness.

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Nice looking skis. I approve!


Hopefully we can compare notes next season biggrin.gif

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Thanks guys!


"Hopefully we can compare notes next season"


You bet.  Still on a couple of pair of DPS ski including one of the Pure3 Series.  I am very interested in how Keith's skis compare for my own use and $ value.   I have big hopes obviously and why most of a a full on Praxis quiver is here  :)    Now I just need that lwt BC ski and a pair of Powder Boards to complete the Praxis goodness.

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