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Summer Update

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Mike, sorry I didn't stay in contact.   End of Feb I tore my left calf muscle skiing and that ended my season.  Went to Ariz, NM, Utah for April and May.  Missed another good spring skiing season.  Giving serious thought to making Gathering in Utah this coming early Feb.  Long drive but maybe we can get  3 or 4 people and ...................... whatever.  Hope you're doing fine and fully recovered.  I did some mild skinning out last year and getting the hang of it. Was looking around on web last week and bought some new Rossi S7's 178 and some Atomic tracker AT bindings both for $575 couldn't resist, my skins will fit so looking forward to winter as usual.  


Playing golf  and hitting the ball pretty good and then missing a lot of putts ugh.  Fishing has been good on the St. Joe but slowing now with the heat and rafters everywhere.

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Good to hear from you, Pete. Got a little worried when I saw your AT setup listed for sale here.. Sounds like you found a nice upgrade.

Hope the calf is healing nicely. A lot of calf raises to get those muscles back are in both of our futures. wink.gif I've been out to do some light touring late this Spring and Summer. Still not back near 100% yet but getting closer.. Good to be back in the mountains though.
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