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Rossignol 86

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What up guys, skiing always looked really fun, so last winter I worked in Telluride and learned how to ski. I skied over 100 days and I couldn't get enough of it, it was so much fun. Before I left I didn't know anything about skis (I still don't know much) so I just bought some k2 apaches on craigslist. The binding broke on one, and I put them in the free box :( and gave the rental shop guy a bottle of jack daniels in exchange for some rossignol 86s that I used for the rest of the season. Now let me tell you, I fuckin loved them but the season was so bad in Telluride last winter, I never had a chance to use them in the powder. I mainly hung out around the bumps and got into carving because the snow was like ice everyday the last few weeks.


This winter I'm either going back to Telluride or working in Mammoth (probably Mammoth) for the season and I'm really hoping for some more powder. Anyways I love powder, and I love bumps and since I have no skis, I'm going to buy a new set. I just don't know much about skis. like I said, I loved the Rossignol 86 skis but I hardly got a chance to use any other skis so I'm wondering what I should do. Do you guys think I should just buy the Rossignol 86 or should I just get some other all mountain ski? Are there better ones? I LOVE POWDER but I want something that can also do well in the bumps, and some days I just feel like going fast and carving some turns on some freshly groomed runs...Maybe if I have enough money, should I just get a powder only ski, in addition to a carver? Anyways I don't know shit about skis, other than some are rocker, some are camber. What would you guys do in this situation?



ALSO on a sidenote, Telluride is the only place I've ever skied, and it was super chill. Like we got so many ride breaks, they played music at the bottom of the lifts it was awesome. also the boss was like a friend to the workers, once he found a flask full of liquor and just gave it to me during work, and there's like people giving out pieces of their special brownies and stuff to the ticket checkers (me) will working at Mammoth be laid back like that? Or are they more corporate and lame?

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Are you looking for "one ski to do it all", i.e. a unicorn? or will you be building a quiver? If you are going to be skiing Mammoth, for as much snow as Mammoth gets, expect more windbuff and heavier heavier snow than air like powder. Need more information on your size and ability/aggressiveness. If you are looking for one ski, I would start with going up, at least, into the 90's underfoot and if you are a big guy, over 6'2"/220, I would say something over 100 underfoot but if you have been having fun with the S86, I am guessing it is more the former than the latter. 

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hey, I'm looking for the best skis for my situation. I know there aren't any skis that are perfect for everything, but if I can find some skis that are PRETTY good for everything, that's what I want. Or maybe if I can come up with the cash (just depends on how many hours my boss gives me this summer) maybe it would be worth it to get a dedicated powder ski and a dedicated carving ski?


i'm 6'2'' 145 lbs and I'm a very aggressive skier, at a solid advanced level. I can do double blacks and stuff without problems, but I'm still not among the best on the mountain.

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