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axis x verses axis x pro verses atomic ride 10.20

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Ask me in 2 weeks. I'm going to Whistler on 7th December for a week on my new Axis X Pros. Some of my friends are on Mod Xs (last year's Axis X) so I'll let you know how they compare.
Height 6ft, Weight 170lb
BTW I'm on 181cm, I don't need long skis, my ego's big enough without them!
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Wait till you can demo , you'll be way happier. Call the shops at Keystone before you leave to line up some demoes , tell the "MANAGER" you are going to buy from them when your there (give him price you can get locally) Most shops will go out of thier way to help when you've come from a long way , and you get to try before you buy.
On the ski choices yes the 10.20 in 180cm. would be a good one for what you describe .
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axis x verses axis x pro verses atomic ride 10.20

5'10" 190 pds. am trying to pick ski no chance to demo live in fla have trip to keystone col.planned 1rst feb 02 I have icon x & marker 1200 titanium piston but might trade bindings in towards atomic for 10.20.I like to ski whole mountain trees steeps some moguls for grins hike up the outback do the bowls then at night on the frontside hookup with some skiers pointem & rip need speed on groomed go every where ski. probably level 6 but no arm flailing backseat rider favorite straight ski k2 msl 195cm also whant to do more moguls ect. skied scream series,bandit x last season thanks :
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Well i skieid last years Mod X - Mod X pro and the Atomic beta ride 10.20 (this years 10.20 is differnt) am only 155 pounds so i thought the Mod X Pro was to stiff for me and to hard in the moguls, the Atomic had best grip on ice but was also kinda stiff in the moguls for my weight.Mod X was best over-all for me. I would bet the Axix X pro or the 11.20 beta ride would be best for your weight. Not sure if this years 10.20 would be stiff enough but i really dont no, never skied the new 10.20. If you cant demo i would get either the Axis X Pro or 11.20 beta ride.

Plus if you get the K2's you can use them piston bindings.

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all three are really great skis and each has it's nitch. The Atomic Betaride is a good 50% frontside 50% backside ski,It has a vary secure feeling to it when the going gets a challenging, but I hated it in bumps. The Modx pro {now the axis x pro Is a fantastic ski best in crud and junk snow, but again for me a pain in the butt in moguls.You really have to put some muscle into that ski to bend it.I like a ski that allows me to relaxe more.Besides I don't think it is that much more of a ski for the money.My personal everyday weapon is the mod x (now the axis x).It has never let me down and it is one of the best mogul skis I have ever been on.I spend a lot of my day looking for bumps and crud and spend a lot of time in bowls. They love powder and the steeps.There is a speed limit to the modx, but I was not looking for a race breed ski.If I were skiing someplace that had a lot of hard pack snow. I might be more inclined toward the stiffer modx Pro or the Atomic.By The way I was skiing on the Atomic when I demoed the mod x One demo and I never looked back at my Atomics.since you can't demo read as much as you can on all thses skis and really be honest with yourself as to what you really like in a ski.In my opinion a lot of people let their egos pick thier ski and buy a ski that is way more then they need or can handle. To much of a ski can hurt your progress.If you are a level 6 and looking to progress Take a good hard look at the modx.Here is some information on me 5'8'' about 185 lbs and 49+ years.The last lession i took they put me in a leavle 8 class.I ski about 50 + days a season.If worse comes to worse flip a coin.

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