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Masterfit.. is it what they say it is?

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well i'm just intrested in checking out some boots and see what i have to look forward too. is it worth it to go and get fitted by a masterfit person or would a local ski shop be just as good? i was at a sporting goods store today which wasnt really helpful, more like help your self. i looked up the list and REI n Galyans are both listed but are both quite far from my house as are the other shops listed.

what are your guys expierence with these masterfit boot people... please fill me in.
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Avoid your local dealer like the plague, unless you live in Telluride or Alta. I would highly recommend making a boot purchase and fitting part of your next trip to the mountains. Make an appointment and just be prepared to spend a few hours of the first day in a ski shop. Most every resort has at least one master boot fitter (the site address that lists them all escapes me; I'm sure the next poster will have it for you) . If you're willing to spring for the cash, a full on alignment and custom insoles are the way to go. Once you get the initial fit, you can return to the shop over the course of your stay to get even more precise tweaking. In the mean time, check out this year's gear guides in Ski/Skiing just to get a sense what's out there. Good luck.
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Since folks were nice enough to give it to me when I needed it, I'll return the favor.

Good luck.


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I don't know where the Galyans are and you don't mention where you are located, home mountain, etc.. Masterfit University probably does most of the basic level training for boot fitters across the country. I attended the clinic/training this past October. Although they don't teach every thing to know about fitting, they do give a great start. The rest is about time and miles. just like skiing. They would be way better than just your local shop but check out the thread exnyerinmontreal gave. also post your location and maybe someone else can give you a good recommendation in your area.
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Like DChan states, we don't know where you are located. There may very well be a good bootfitter nearby. Galyans? Isn't it a Walmart of sporting goods.
The only problem with using shops at destination resorts is they can't fix problems that arise after you have gone home. It behooves you to learn as much as possible (and reasonable) about boots and fitting before you go to any shop. Don't fixate on any brand. Don't be rushed.
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thanks i've look at that list and my state aint on there.. i'm in Minneapolis, Minnesota... yes galyans is like a general sporting goods store with a little of everything. but i would just like to get a taste of a good fit. i'm sick of rentals.. probably wont go skiing again till i get a pair of boots or get into a pair of decent boots.
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Smokey, why don't you put out the (computer) call to Bears from Minnesota, maybe they could steer you to some decent shops. There are several Minnesotans around.
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smokey, don't even think about getting ski boots at a city shop or a large national chain, or a general sports shop like Galyans. Wipe the thought COMPLETELY from your mind.

Go to a ski town where the boot fitters live, eat and breath skiing. And still this is not enough. A Mastefit U. diploma is not enough. Each ski town has 1 or 2 guys that are the absolute gurus. They fit most of the top local racers, instructors, ski patrollers, etc... Find one of these guys. Ask people in town who spend 100+ days a year in their ski boots who does their boot work. Or tell us where you ski and perhaps some of the experienced skiers on this forum can guide you.

This may sound like a hassle, but it will have a big impact on you skiing performance and comfort -- and think about how much money you have on the line for your ski vacation.
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went boot shoping today.. um.. will be posting a new topic with my thoughts and some new questions i have now regarding boots.
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If you are in the Twin Cities why not go to a real bootfitter. Pat Devine @ Hoigaards is one of the better in the midwest. You can also find some great fitters at Pierce Ski Shop. They have fit former and a current member of the US Ski Team. Good Luck
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