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I was fitted with a pair of Fischer Vacuum Boots last Nov 2012.  Took them home and did not feel much different from current boot.  Brought them back and the boot fitter really packed them down molding the boot very tight.  Brought them home to cool and tried them the next day.  They felt very snug but not crazy tight.  After about 10 minutes of wearing them I decided to jump on my Skiers Edge machine with them.  After about 15 minutes I felt above average tightness/suffocating type feeling on the upper outside of my feet.  I took them off and that night things got worse.  Since then I have had moderate to severe pain on top of my feet and under the ball (behind 3 and 4 toe) of my feet as well as pain but not numbness in the 3rd and 4th toe.  Podiatrist does not think it's Morton's Neuroma (mostly because of no numbness in toes) but I'm not sure?  I've tried many different things; Advil, ice, no activity, no bare feet, etc.  Still not getting better and seems to be getting worse now in July! 

Any similar stories out there or suggestions?  Getting desperate!!!