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A Call For HELP to the EpicSki Community!

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Winter is only 155 days away.  Its time to start thinking about what you, or your friend, or your relative, is going to do with their empty guesthouse or rental space once the snow starts falling.  Does it have 2 to 3 beds? Does it have a stove? And maybe a bathroom? WILL YOU RENT IT TO ME FOR A MONTH?!


In all seriousness though, a few friends and I are looking to leave the good old northeast to roadtrip out west for a month (roughly Dec 16 through Jan  10) to ski.  I figured the EpicSki community would be a great place to gather information and to start our housing search.  Our top choices would be Revelstoke, SLC, or Tahoe, but we are open to other suggestions.  


It would make my day, week, and possibly entire year if there are any EpicSki members out there who have a place that they would be willing to rent out on the cheap near a ski resort, or who can guide me to someone who does.  We are looking for the bare minimum and do not need anything fancy. As tenants, we are very respectful of others property, and we can provide references from property owners who can attest to this.  


Even if you don't have a place to rent, I would love to hear from you if you know of anywhere to look for deals on extended vacation house.  I have frequented the usual places (VRBO, craigslist, etc), but I'm open to any advice


Thanks a bunch and let the 155 days 'til winter fly by!!

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Check for a PM.

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truck+camper+bbq+ski :-)
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Originally Posted by mfa81 View Post

truck+camper+bbq+ski :-)

LOL, Last night I toyed with posting a photo of an RV here.wink.gif

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(roughly Dec 16 through Jan  10)

For that timeframe it's a really bad idea to lock in a location far in advance as some places will have snow and others will not.  A one month road trip has enviable flexibility to chase the snow.  Don't throw that advantage away.

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I know. I was out west last year near those times wishing I was back in VT. At the same time we are trying to get a month out west during our last winter break of college and its WAYY cheaper to buy a college season pass somewhere (think $300-600 if bought early season) than to ski a bunch of days at different places. So yes we are going for hopefully great snow but also to enjoy a month skiing together in a different place with a western mountain feel to it.
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If cost is important you should set up in Salt Lake because lodging will be much cheaper than in a resort. Buy Utah tix at ski shops or on liftopia. Plus Targhee and Jackson are within striking distance if it's good up there.

Needless to say the Cottonwood resorts and Targhee are among the very few places I would consider reasonable committing in advance for Dec. 16.
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Agree with Tony. SLC is probably the best bet for cost ,variety and snowfall.
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