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Added a Snowbomb pass to my Epic pass, $49.  One ticked to Homewood, SIerra, Bear Valley and China Peak each.  Pass comes w/ a bunch of other perks including free rentals and discount lift tickets at bunch of Lake Tahoe ski areas.  Last year they had two free nights at a hotel in Reno, hoping they bring that back.

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Got the epic pass here in Tahoe.  Got some work at sierra lining up though so maybe, just maybe add that to the list.  Hopefully be able to ski Bogus Basin, ID for free whenever I go back to visit now, since I worked there for a number of seasons and a family friend just got promoted from CFO to mountain manager, woo woo!

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A-Basin has a four day Elevation Pass only available at the Christy Sports Powder Daze event for $119 - basically an extra day free for the late season conditions bet for those who only ski AB in the extended season and won't buy a full pass.
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Went with the Epic pass this year ($689).  A-Basin, Vail, BC, Keystone, Breck, Eldora, and a bunch of others.  Have had the Colorado Pass for past ten years so looking forward to new terrain. 

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My AZ Snowbowl pass will be $519 for Adult Unlimited.  This gets me in the Powder Alliance and 50% off window rates at Purg, Sipapu, and a couple other small areas.  Not great but better than last year thanks to the Alliance. 

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I bought mind at the end of last season sale.  $199 at Welch Village.  Used to mostly ski/race at Afton, but they became Epic this year and couldn't describe what the racing league would look like for 2013/14

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Monarch's season pass just got even better.  They added three days at Taos.  Now I need to plan for another ski trip to NM this year.

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I bought my unlimited season pass for Snowshoe in WV last year when they had it for sale at $199  It is now $449 for the same pass.  I was able to use it last year for one day of skiing, along with the discount for food when I was up in March.  For this season, it also gives me one free lift ticket at Wisp, Seven Springs/Hidden Valley and 50% subsequent tickets for any day except Saturday and holiday periods.  You also get a small discount on ticket prices at other Intrawest resorts.


Since I've already used the pass once, I pretty much only need to spend a day or two  this year at Snowshoe and a day at Wisp or Seven Springs to have it pay for itself.


Snowshoe is in the middle of nowhere, so you are pretty much stuck their for food and lodging.  They sell the pass cheap, because they make their money on all the other stuff when you are up there.

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Monarch's season pass just got even better.  They added three days at Taos.  Now I need to plan for another ski trip to NM this year.


If this goes much further, it will be easier for Monarch to list where their pass doesn't work.


Taos is an awesome addition.

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