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Salomon X-Wave and Crossmax boot differences????

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Are there any differences between the Salomon X-Wave 10 and the Crossmax 10? I've been skiing in Dolomite sintesi 8.5's and am looking at the Salomon line-up for my new boots for this season. Out of what I have tried on (Salomon, technica, lange,dolomite, etc)the Salomon X-wave series (tried a 7) by far and away fit the best without feeling like it needed much modification. The smallest size I can fit in is a 28.5, so judging by the Salomon website neither of these boots come in this size (or at least they are not listed). Is the X-Wave 9 my best bet, as I noticed it has the same flex index (again, is it the same boot, just different size offerings and model number?)

Any help is much appreciated. My local shop doesn't carry the upper end boots, but the rep here at the resort has offered to help me out.....I just need to know exactly what I want before I take up his time. So, are there any real differences between these boots.

Oh, if it helps, I'm a strong expert skier that likes the whole mountain. I'm 6' even and weigh 240 lbs. My style consist of high speed carves/arc's with some slalom style thrown in when I feel the need. I'm not big into bumps, although they are fun every now and again, but I love to speed jump everything.......definitely not a freestyle trickster though!
Looking for something to complement my volkl 5 stars.
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They are essentially the same boot with different graphics. Same flex (100) and come in sizes from 22 to 31.5 (4 through 13)

The only difference is in the footboard... the Xwave 10 has a absorbing custom sole and the Crossmax 10 has a standard custom sole.

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Ah, I see, so they do have some differences. The sales person wasn't entirely sure of what the differences were and only really knew about the products that were on the sales floor (knew them very well I might add). Likewise the mountain rep didn't really have the free time at the moment I saw him to elaborate beyond telling me "they are essentially the same boot". I've never owned a pair of Salomon boots and never really gave them much thought until now, so I didn't have a clue about any potential differences.

Thanks again!
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I skiied the Crossmax 10 last year, and have XWave 10s on the way. They are the same boot. This years Crossmax is butt ugly though. Last year, the Crossmax had the absorbing boot board, and the Wave had that, plus the stiff one that you can bolt in.
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I just thought I'd chime in with an "I love my 2003 xwave 8's". THere was a big dif with getting a custom foot bed, too, the original just didn't feel even 'ok' after i got a custom one...
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I think you'd love the x-wave 10 and they do come in 28.5. I have a brand new pair sitting about 5 feet from me beside my newly tuned skis. I skied a friends x wave 10 last year and knew it was the boot for me. The x-wave 8 was way to soft, but I've never tried the 9 so I can't say one way or another how it is. I'm a little bigger than you, 6'4" & 250lbs, but I think you'd like the 10 if you skied it.
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I originally had the X Wave 10s and took them back because I was fitted incorrectly.

They didn't have them in a smaller size so I got the Crossmax 10s.

They feel pretty much the same to me.
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I happen to be re-booting this year and my fitter first hauled out the X-W10. Fit was OK but seemed a bit tight in front. Also, I hated the color (but that's another matter). He also had a last pair of Crossmax in the exact same size. Fit was quite different; boot felt more stable all around and color didn't suck.

Now, I might say my fitter beats up the liner and installs my footbed before it ever gets on my foot, so were not talking the difference between stock beds here. For me, the XW and XMax were very different.

BTW, he did mention the differences between the boots, which I promptly forgot because I really didn't care, but, as you can tell about this guy, he considers them to be separate solutions.
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Crossmax 10 & X Wave 10, same boot, same liner, different footboard and graphics.
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I stand corrected, Lucky. Upon further review, I got mixed up between the Cross, the Wave, and the Course, all of which I had on my feet during that session ... sometimes one of each ... well, for a maximum of two feet.
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You guys scared me for a minute. I had 27.5 Crossmax 10s last year, and ordered XWave 10s this year believing the fit to be the same. They just came in to the shop today, I haven't gone down to get them, but you had me worried.
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If a person wants a fit like the Course (narrower than the X-Wave & Crossmax) they might consider the Pro-Model. Same fit as the Course but considerably softer...95 compared to 120 for the Course.
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So what is the true flex index of the Xwave 10? 03 is 110. 04 I've seen listed as 110 and 100. Crossmax last year was listed as 100 versus the XW10 at 110. Salomon's site sucks. They give no real data on the boots - other sites have the index ranging from 95 to 110 for the XW10. Does anyone know? I would like to.
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Per Salomon info @ my local shop:

'03 X wave 10 flex=110
'03 CrossMax 10 flex=100
'04 x wave 10 flex=100
'04 CrossMax 10 flex=100
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Originally posted by Coach13:
Per Salomon info @ my local shop:

'03 X wave 10 flex=110
'03 CrossMax 10 flex=100
'04 x wave 10 flex=100
'04 CrossMax 10 flex=100
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Coach is correct, except that the 02- 03 Crossmax and X Wave 10 had the same flex @ 110.

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My 04-04 X Wave 10 says Flex 110 on the boot shell. They do feel a little stiffer than my 02-03 Crossmax 10s.
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