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Older racers: What DIN for DH racing?

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Hello, I would appreciate any insight here. I recently got back into racing, but haven't run in any speed events for a couple decades. When I was young and indestructible, I wouldn't have thought of pushing through a DH start gate with bindings set at anything less than 20. Now in my advanced age, I value my ACLs a little more than any potential glory (and I never was that fast, truth be told). I'm thinking about mounting some Tyrolia Free Flex 15s on my DH skis for this season. At my advanced age (54) and 220 lbs, I'm thinking 15 is more than plenty to hold me in. Anyone think differently? What bindings do any older racers on this forum use?

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Going to defer to MastersRacer for this.  I sent him a note to take a looksie over here.

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Have you been doing any other racing lately?
I would say if you haven't raced in a long time start with GS get your feeling back and work your way back up to speed events.
masters DH can still have significant challenges and jumps, and if you haven't been training for a while...
This will also help you dial in your DIN, if you run GS at lets say 9DIN without pre releasing you know you probably wont be needing 20+ for DH. 


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@58, 165# I normally run 12-14 on speed skis

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I'm 51, 175lbs and do a little Masters DH and SG @ DIN 10. 


Sounds low but works for me.

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Welcome back to racing. I took 25 years off racing DH and boy what a thrill it was to get back on the big boards. Modern DH skis have a radius of 45 m or so. The skis I used in the '70s were 90 - 110 m.

I race with a DIN of 13 - 14. I'm 55 y.o., 200#, 5'11", 325mm BSL. My 'normal' DIN is around 8 to 8.5. The Freeflex 15 should do the job for you. The forward pressure setting is just as important as the DIN.

Where will you be racing DH? There are still some great courses open to masters. Aspen Tiehack and Soldier Mt. come to mind. I coach camps at Ski Cooper which is a great 'beginner' and 'return to the sport' hill. Speeds exceed 65 mph, the track usually involves some technical turns as well as some terrain features, but no big air.

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Wow, thanks for the responses, everyone. This has been really helpful. I think I will go with the Tyrolias.


Good thought, jzamp. Yes, I've been doing GS for the past couple of years, as well as a lot of off-season conditioning.


Thanks for the info, MR. I might have to look up one of those camps at Cooper if time and funds allow.

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Glad some of our local "ringers" could help you out.  Keep us posted and let us know how it goes, along with your other skiing related exploits.  Welcome to the forum.

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I'm a group 7 masters racer and I attended a couple of DH camps/races in recent years. For the first camp I used Tyrolia bindings that maxed out at 17. After one ACL tear I'm wary of high DIN settings so I started with by upping my GS DIN setting by one unit to 10. In training I threw an inside shoe at 50+mph and slid to a stop no harm done. DIN goes to 11, threw it again next run in the same turn, DIN goes to 12 everything stayed together from then on. For timed training and race runs I upped the heel to 13 for a little peace of mind in that one turn but left the toe at 12. I used the same 12/12 and 12/13 setup for the second camp when using Atomic 1018 bindings and everything stayed on throughout the camp and race weekend. I'm 5'9" 185lbs.311 BSL.

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