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airfare drop

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Just got a notice of airfares down about $250 (for me) lower than they have been. Now might be a good time for others to check. I'm still waiting to see if there's a further drop, because it's big bucks to me. And I'm real broke.
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I just got a notice from American Airlines that they're having a fare sale to Europe.  Not sure if any of these work for anyone planning on going. 



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Nothing I haven't seen cheaper... Way cheaper... For me. Must be an east coast thing..
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American Airlines is sending promotion codes for 20% off winter flights to Europe. That means about $750 from JFK to ZRH nonstop.
Chicago is slightly more expensive and there is no nonstop flight on AA or OneWorld Alliance.
I doubt it will get better than this, unless Swiss matches this promo - they fly skis for free (potential $200 savings) in addition to first bag.
So far I am cashing in miles, but with the right price ... it has to go bit lower to justify saving miles and paying cash.
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Back on September 27, Delta was offering the following out of dinky old Kalispell, not normally the location for flight deals. Unfortunately, I had just handed over money for a lesson series. Plus my mom's not doing well..

But, the point is, the current deals are actually higher than just a few weeks back.

I actually found the fare on Skyscanner, couldn't believe it and then went to my Delta app to confirm it. It lasted for several days.
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Another update for anybody interested in getting over to Urop ...
Swiss started their winter fare sales from NA and Chicago to Zurich is $732 anytime in February ! Great deal, and remember - your ski equipment flies free ( savings of additional $80-$150 depending on airline) in addition to your free bag !
Happy Thanksgiving !!!
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