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Nordica Dobi XS & S v. Lange 130 v. Salomon Course

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I am in the market for boots again (I hate this part of skiing...skis are so much easier). I have been using my current stock Lange L10 Race w/ custom footbed for about 5 years. You could say I have a Lange foot. I have skied about 30 years and probably used Lange boots for the last 20 years. I have SL race, GS race and all-mtn skis. I train and race Masters but love those powder days when we get them.

Beyond what I read in the magazine reviews, what are your experiences with regards to:
-ski feel
-forward lean
-edge control
-liner quality
-shell/buckle quality
-comparison between these boots


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You may want to ask this over in Jeff Bergeron's thread, too.

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I can't comment at all on the Dobi but I skied Lange for 15 years and the last 4 have been on Salomon Course boots. I demoed the Comp 120 race fit last season. I'd give the nod to the Course in all dimensions you asked about and I believe it has a tighter fit in the heel as well. This season I'm trying to switch to the Tecnica Icon XT17. I'm a bit concerned that it's not tight enough in the heel and that it may be too soft but I'm really excited after the first time I tried them on.
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The Course excels in all the areas you mentioned, and will let you enjoy those powder days. The Doberman Soft, is going to be superior to the Course in every way possible performance wise... but comfort wise, the boot is a disaster, and off piste the boot is going to be work. Go with the course, you wont be disappointed (i skied on it for 3 years until switching to the Doberman this season).
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I can only comment on the Dobie as an owner, but tried on the Course quite a few times. I also have had lange for the last 15 years although usually with Zip fit's.

To me the most important criteria is fit and there are definite differences. The Dobie is sooo much tighter than the course which is good for my really low volume feet, but even i had the front toe blown out and a little grinding in the heal. The Dobie liner is awesome, thin, but really well made and comfortable. I have the Dobie S and have softened it by cutting the inside of the shell and sometimes take out bolts depending on the temperature and now asbolutely love the flex. The XS was a bit too soft in my opinion and is really low.

Have you tried on the Dobie? I think that will tell you if its even an option because it really is much smaller than the Course. The course while on the narrower side, is much larger than the Dobie.

The Performance of the dobie is amazing. I have never had such good snow feel and control from a boot. Truly awesome.

Mine leak water badly which does suck, but my wife's XS's don't. She also loves her XS's. The buckles since you asked aren't the greatest, but work perfectly fine. The Course has the more refined buckles etc.

For reference I'm 5ft 9 and 155lbs expert skier and only ski 40ish days now(unfortunately) with most being off-piste or touring and I did overnight tours in my Dobies in the Alps last year since I had to leave my touring boots at home and they worked with the exception of the water leakage. I know its tough to find people that actually own the Dobie so feel free to ask other questions.

One last thing, if you get the Dobie, make sure you are near a good bootfitter you really like and respect because you will need their services. I thought mine fit fine out of the box and ended up touring most of the bootfitters in Zermatt, St. Anton, Val, La Grave etc last year.

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I have tried on the Dobi S....it was snug and would require work to widen in the toe box area. Exdended wear may reveal other tender areas due to the thin liner.

The Dobi felt like it would create a "direct connect" feel to the skis...so much so that technique may need to be modified or one might over power parts of the turn where softer, less snug boots would need some real effort to transfer (weight and steering) into the skis.

I have heard that the Salomon is a little more upright than the Lange and a little slower to initiate the turn...is this true for others?


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Why not stick with the L10 races. There are a few pairs around. what size do you need?
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