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Straight Line Stability..

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   I must have been asleep. There I was..in the land of PRE 2012 skis..with my collection of probably 50..25 older straight ski classics..and about 25 2001-2007 shaped..mainly GS/high end recreational skis.I have had probably 200 hundred pairs of skis..

plus I used to buy and sell them. Straight line off edge stability was a feature I needed in a ski. I did not have a favourite..I had a bunch. The ski needed to be stable with NO input.Up to around 45 mph or so. A lot of older straight skis and many,many shaped skis

just failed. Technology improved and I remember when I was blown away by some shorter skis..172's..then 180's..that had rock solid

straight line/off edge stability. I still kept some older skis..I mean..that was probably the main/only? reason I kept them..straight line off edge stability. I guess those days are over now too. I will let others do their fantasizing about just how good those skis WERE. In their time..day. That day has come and gone.Others can yammer that my skis are not stable..have to be kept on edge..etc.,ETC.,in the meantime I may as well be quiet..what is on their feet and in my quiver..I have had theirs..maybe have them haha 205 this 210 that..straight..or not much shape..you can have my place in dreamland.


  I bought a pair of Head I Peak Pro's in a 183. A 183..pretty short for a straight line off edge stable ski.


   I have been out of the ski loop since about 2009. Just skiing on 2001-2007 model skis until this year. A few people..encouraged me to TRY newer skis.


  Under average conditions..I have not been on a ski that even compares to the utter tank like stability these have at 45 mph or so...straight line..off edge..no input..stability.


  Me..54 years on skis..fairly fit,strong,5'10 210lbs.


  The Heads are a "variable rocker profile". I have skied..(owned) a few other rocker/camber skis..and they were nowhere near as stable as the Head's.


   I have..HAD a pretty good collection of "point and shoot" skis..the "collection" is intact. The memories there.

  Reality has come.


   The Heads are CERTAINLY NOT a "Great" ski..no kidding.This is not about that.


   It is just hard to look at them beside other "Great" skis in my collection..and know that their time has come.


   I am sure there are other skis out there just like these Heads in terms of straight line/off edge stability..

and there will be better ones to come!

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And while you're at it ....... get off my lawn!! wink.gif

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2001-2007 is like two, almost three complete generations of shapes, 2007-2014 is definitely at least two.

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Sounds like it is long past time to work on your fencedevil.gif


Here's minenonono2.gif


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Are you saying your favourite thing about your skis is that they track well in a straight line? 

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I think that is what's important to him, kind of like these guys:ski.jpg

Personally, I find turning important.
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I like turning at speed.

Your garden variety GS ski from any big manufacturer is certainly a lot more stable than it used to be.  I still like my old Kästle SGs.

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192 Elan 777



194 Faction Thirteen



196 4frnt Renegade


When in doubt, point it out.

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