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Taiwan - December 2013

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Hi - I'll be in central Taiwan for a week towards the end of December and have read about a small ski area either on Yushan or Hehuang mountain. Does anyone know if the place is still operational or has anyone actually been there? We'd like to drop by just to have a look as a short excursion from Taichung.


Thanks in advance for any information.



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July 8, 2013




Well, seems like I'm it.  In the 60s (when I was still living in Taiwan), Hehuang Mountain (合歡山 roughly translated means Together Joy Mountain) had a very small ski area which depended on natural snow.  Since Taiwan is a sub-tropical area, the chance of snow in the coldest winter was slight, even taking into account that the elevation of the ski area was at 2900-3400 meters (8000+ to 11000+ ft).  The old ski area is situated in a National Forest of roughly 1000 acres. (Don't know how big the original ski area was.  I would guess 100 acres at the most).  I don't know whether the ski area is still in operation, but my best guess is no.  You should ask at the Goverment International Travelers Welcome Center, located in the Taoyuan International Airport (aka Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport), although they may not know the answer to your question.  From one website, it states that this is the only "natural snow" skiing area in Taiwan. So you may luck out.  Does this imply that there are other ski areas with man made snow?  Don't know.  But I wouldn't bring my skiing gear, unless you plan to ski in China, Korea or Japan. 


I am including a website to Hehuang Mountain.  Note the small map shown on the website.  On the right hand side (observers right), there are four tan colored captions (boxes) with Chinese characters.  Looking at the bottom tan caption, just above it you will see four black Chinese characters which translated means "Skiing Villa".  A black line from the four characters which leads up to the location of the Villa, which you can see is close to a mountain symbol of 3421 (peak located at the arrow head of the tan caption).   The ski area use to be on the flanks of that mountain.




Think snow,




ps:  Even though Yushan (Jade Mountain aka Mt Morrison) which you mentioned, is the highest peak in Taiwan (~13000 ft), to the best of my knowledge, it does not have a ski area.  Send me a private mail if you would like to discuss this over the phone.  I'm local to you.  However, the above is the extend of my knowledge, more or less.  Jade Mountain is the highest peak located in East Asia (ie East of the Himilayas).  Website for Yushan:



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Hi CharlieP - Thank you so much for all this info. I suspected there was nothing due to the lack of info online. We may hike up there anyway just to see what's around. I will follow up with questions to the places you've mentioned. Fortunately one of the people in the group speaks Mandarin. All the best, DC
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When we were taking the narrow gauge railroad to Alishan, the train station had photos of the mountains east of there decked in snow. I too had heard about this supposed ski area but never found anything on it and never talked to anyone who had heard of it (though that does not necessarily mean a whole lot as there were not exactly gobs of English speakers there). If you look closely at the map there is at least one road that goes near 10,000 feet.


I came away thinking that the "ski area" in Taiwan was similar to one I was at in Lesotho in the 1990s and one I've read about in Algeria -- a place where people strapped on skis and slid on snow when it happened to snow, but not one where there are actually any lifts.

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