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New Skis [updating for Australia and Alps]

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I'm looking for some new skis and I have no idea where to start.....

A little background:

I ski primarily in Australia and the European Alps (tends to be Austria or Switzerland depending on the snow conditions) . I ski 2 seasons a year but only for 2 weeks at a time, due to work commitments rather than lack of desire.

I've been skiing for 26 years, which is all of my life, since I could walk. I raced quite seriously when I was younger but these days I ski almost exclusively side country and only the steepest stuff I can find. Ideally I'd get into ski touring, but at the moment I haven't got the time. If I'm in Australia i'll ski moguls, Ice and on the groomers, as there often isnt much else to ski... and over here in the Alps I'll ski anything that looks like there are no tracks (read: avoid the groomers)


I know it sounds ridiculous that I have no idea about skis, but I've used the same pair since the day I stopped racing, about 12 years ago, and I just was never interested in gear. I've checked all over the internet and read every forum, but its not easy to find out specifically something good for me. There are a lot of intermediate skis on the market, and there is a lot of assumption of knowledge. I guess I should know something about skis but I'd rather just ski them...


My current pair are a pair of 15year old 160cm Rossis. Now it's time to get something a little updated, as they just aren't cutting it for the powder and off piste stuff. I think i want an all mountain ski because I hate groomers but I don't get to ski deep powder more than a few days a year.  I'm 158cm/5'1 and weigh 55kg/ 121pounds (I think thats the right translation of weights?).


I'm open to any suggestions =)

Thanks for any help!

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You might like something in the "mid fat" category.  They are a group of skis that range from around 90mm under-foot to about 100mm uner-foot.  There are skis in this group that are more groomer based and some that are more powder based so plenty of skis to chose from.  I'm really interested in the Nordica Hell and Back and will likely be adding it to my quiver before this season.

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