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[quote name="nolo" url="/t/120872/the-beat-goes-on#post_1599407" Diplomacy can be a hard pill to swallow.  

Ya gotta sugarcoat it.

Happy having your unfiltered way in the future.
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Congratulations on your forthcoming retirement, nolo. It's good to know you're leaving the site in very capable hands. It will be interesting to see how the site might change moving forward. I enjoyed getting to know you via our interactions here. Best wishes and hopefully we'll get to make some turns together sometime.

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Joan, your leadership was sublime and yet powerful. It has been a real pleasure watching you build this place and give an administrative team and membership the freedom and guidance to make this such a unique, blend of skiing information and entertainment.


Thanks for all you've done, and what you will continue to contribute.

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The site must constantly change to keep up with technology but I hope the community vibe stays exactly the same. There's something pretty darn special about being able to find a member of the community at nearly every ski resort in the world who will not only show you around, but show you the very best it has to offer


No one person can make that happen -- only a community can!


Thank you for the kind words. 

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Nolo, just read you're leaving your active status.  Please  feel free to stop bye when you slip/drive over the Bitterroots and maybe we and your hubby can play some golf or make some turns together.  I of course realize what a huge commitment in time and effort you put into Epic, for what it is worth I always respected the job you performed and it was an honor skiing with you and listening and taking your sage advice. Good Luck in all your future endeavors.   My Best   PeteIMG_0784.JPG


Your and Epics influence on my skiing and life let me ski this - My deepest thanks.

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Whoa, I go away for a few weeks and I miss the big news! Well, I do wish you the best in your next adventure, and thank you for all the work behind the scene!
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Nolo, thank you for a terrific job, and welcome back to your real self!


Cirquerider, best wishes for a fast & full recovery.

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Nolo, I'll just chime in that not only have you done an awesome job running this zoo, being the adult in the room when needed, and always welcoming, but I am very impressed with your skiing too. I enjoyed meeting you at the Tahoe Gathering and following you for a few runs at Mt Rose.

Cirque. Dude. Get better, soon.
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post

qcanoe, once I was interviewed about my job here. The question was, what has been hardest about the job, and what has been easiest? I thought for a moment and said, posting in the forums is both the hardest and the easiest parts of the job. It's hardest at the times when I write a long post expressing my true feelings about a subject and then realize I have to delete it. It's easiest when I can say what I think and post it without reservations. Diplomacy can be a hard pill to swallow.  



Diplomacy is about to end; are you ready for this?

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All the very best to you and much success in your next endeavour. 


Remember, all things must come to an end but "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"

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Nolo, aren't you done yet?  devil.gif


This thread is going to get tossed into the '1st World problems' thread (he said with a big grin).  You are ready for a vacation (or have you been making a list of who gets flamed first)?


Thanks for where this has been, and look forward to seeing where Epic, and you, are going.

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I am going to the lake. That much is settled. 


Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. You make EpicSki a very congenial spot. 

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