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Looking for any Volkl P60 gc and sc reviews

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I'm desperately looking for good reviews of the Volkl p60 sc and gc skis. I'm particularly interested in the sc's in a 170cm for my all-conditions ski for east coast skiing (mid-atlantic area). I've also been looking at the gc's, but I think my skiing style really mimics slalom more-so than any other. I would also use the ski for some slalom racing if I felt the desire.

The volkl rep is trying to push me towards a 5 star. I've read 5 star reviews and it seems like an awesome ski, but I already have a pair of longer all mountain skis (bandits) that I would use when nescessary. I'm 6 foot even, weigh 235, ski very aggressively and love carving....especially at higher speeds! What ski is right for me? Would a 165cm P60 sc be to short?

I have demoed several pair of slalom skis, namely Elan slx's, rossi and Atomics.......I just fell in love with slalom skis and their carving abilities.


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Have you tried a 5 star? They feel like a slalom ski and have just as much edge grip, but are more versatile and handle the occasional high speed run much better. I'd get the 5 star in a 168 if I were you. It has a 14 meter radius at that length.

The longest the SC comes in is 160 (unless you get the race stock, which is 165) The radius on the 160 is only 10.7.
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I haven't tried the 5 star, but I did get one single run in on a pair of 4 stars at the last demo day of last season here at Snowshoe Resort and a extremely short jaunt on the 6 stars down a green run before the lifts closed (the reps several pairs of 5 and 6 stars were all out on the mtn somwhere). It wasn't enough time to even think about the performance of the 6 stars and the 4 stars didn't seem "shockingly" great to me. The conditions that day weren't that great and no ski really felt good to me, but I spent most of the winter on a pair of elan slx's......which spoiled me to a certain extent. This is why I guess I am stuck on the whole slalom ski "want" deal right now. Plus, 6 stars are sold out via pro-form and the only 5 stars I can get are 175cm's.

Oh, the Volkl website lists the p60 sc's coming in 165 and 170 with a sidecut of 120-64-107. The main specs that come up for the sc's are for the 150, 155, and 160 lengths.

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Oh, you're right.... I didn't notice at first that they came in two different dimensions.
I knew those pro-form skis would sell out quick. Mine are already in my living room I faxed the form the day I got it.

The closest I can get you to a review is my buddy's race stock P50sl from last season (160).... damn near the most fun ski I've ever been on. I highly doubt you would be disappointed.
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I own the P50 SC Racing 170cm. Love it.

Tried my buddy's P60 SC Racing 165cm. Didn't like it so much.

This was in soft spring snow, so not ideal test conditions.
I didn't like the much smaller turn radius - the tail of the ski seemed to want to take control of the turn and not let go. I don't get this feeling on the P50. Also the shorter length wasn't easy to use in variable snow, but that's not really specific to the ski.

He sold me the P50s when he got his P60s - I think he misses the P50s.

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I would go shorter than a 170... I tried the P50 SC in both a 163 and 170 and prefered the 163. I'm quite short and light weight, but the 170 didnt seem to gain any versatility or stability over the 163. The 170 felt like the tip and tail were too far away and like that ski actually flexed too much between the tip and binding, and tail and binding... if that makes any sense. If you are looking for good versatility stick around a 160 or 165 - i think 170 is overkill for a slalom ski, but make sure you have a wide tip. I havent spent an QT with this years volkls yet, but I'm sure ill get my chance... although the shop employees that i borrowed all the volkls from last year have all switched to Elan now... so ill have to search a little harder for volkls to try out i guess. You can bet that ill review all the Volkl goodies though, since it looks like the last Volkl review i did finally dropped down the list a little... [img]tongue.gif[/img] . This year i plan to give the race stock stuff a go though... One more note though, my experience on the P50 GS with the Piston thing on it last year was pretty good in terms of a versitile all mountain type ski. Since you already have a long all mountain type ski i would go for a true short slalom ski, dont comprimise with a long slalom ski. At a 160cm or 165cm your weight wont effect performance i dont think... these slalom skis are built for biiiig guys. Guys on the WC used to rock out on the 155cm skis... they barely came up to their waist...
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As a part-time instructor at Snowshoe I can say that a long modern slalom works very well on our mountain. Last year I used my 176 Salomon Equipe 10 3Vs more often than many of my other skis. One of my part-time peers used the P50 SC Racing in 170ish as his only ski and really enjoyed them in all conditions - never wanting his Salomon Crossmax 10s back from the previous season.

I like the P60 SC Racing as an east coast all mountain ski especially in long lengths. It is basically the same construction as the 6* with a bit more sidecut and more torsional stiffness for increased edge grip. You will probably like it alot.

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