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Skis for pre-teen Jr. bumper

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Looking for ski recommendations for my son for next winter.  Both brand/type and length.


My son is now 4'10" 85lbs, 12 yo.  Looking for skis for next season, so figure 4'11" 90lbs at beginning of season and 5' 95lbs by the end of the season.  5+ years of season-long lesson programs, not a racer.


When we have a choice, we ski bumps and trees.  If we have a choice is between groomers and stiff, icy bumps, we ski the bumps.  Because we ski in NY/VT, sometimes we don't have a choice.  Most frequently visited ski areas are Gore Mtn. NY and Killington and Sugarbush in VT.  Ski 30+ days/year.


In addition to bumps and glades, his skis need to be able to handle boilerplate ice and steeps.  Not looking for powder skis and I would prefer to keep the waist width in the 70's. 


 He sometimes struggles in heavy cut-up/crud snow, I think it is mostly due to lack of weight, not equipment or ability. 


When concentrating, he can ski the seeded bump lines at Killington without exiting his line or stopping to check his speed in spring conditions.  He will use tactics like smearing high up the side of each bump to control speed, but he doesn't need to stop or leave his line when he is "on." 


In winter conditions (in most conditions), he is completely comfortable skiing glades like Anarchy or Julio at Killington.  No fear skiing at speed through the woods.  Skis the headwall of Rumor at Gore without hesitation (well, no hesitation after the first couple runs of the day).


This season he skied on (foam core) Stoeckli Rotor Jrs. 130 cm.  100/66/91 and Lange Comp 60 team Jr. boots shell size 21-22.5.  I believe the boots will probably fit him again next year, but not 100% certain.  The Rotor Jrs have slightly upturned tails, but are not twin tips.  My son was very happy with the performance of the Rotor Jrs. this season.


My son skis the jumps in the park, and will occasionally (rarely) jump up on a box, but he doesn't touch the rails.


Looking to pick up skis for next year over the summer.  Possible options I have seen at good prices online include the following:  Nordica Ace of Spades, Head Big Heir (Mojo Jr.), Dynastar 6th Sense Serial, K2 Bolt.  Would prefer a twin tip, but not absolutely required.  Have spare 7 din bindings, so it doesn't matter if the skis come flat or with integrated bindings.


Length-wise, I am thinking 140-145 cm.  If this is off-base, let me know.  The Nordicas come in 138 or 148cm, if they are a decent option, I'm not sure which length to choose. 


Your advice is appreciated.



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Good thought.  I saw lots of Killington Mtn. School kids on the Harts, but I didn't think they were "all mountain"/versatile enough.  However I just checked your link and the F17 Rocket CL in the 140 length looks like a good possibility for next year.  The dimensions are right in line with the dimensions of the Rotors he skied last year, and I can lease them for a year.  The one thing I don't get about the lease is how bindings are handled (looks like the skis ship w/o bindings).  Guess I'll have to e-mail Hart and investigate further. 


Thanks for the recommendation.



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Just purchased a pair of the F17 Rocket CL (a/k/a F17j) in 140 cm length from MogulSkiing.net (hopefully an Epicski sponsor).  I don't think I've seen BushMogulMaster post on Epic recently, but I remember he was a frequent poster in the past.


Is there any particular binding that is favored for Jr. bumpers?  I have a pair of Head SL70 AC, 7 din bindings stashed away that can handle either youth or adult boot sizes.  My son is near the youth/adult boot size cusp, so that's what I'm planning to mount on the Harts, unless there's a reason not to.



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I'd as BMM for binding advice.  I've always leaned towards whatever is lightest for my bump skis.  And mount them flat of course, no risers.

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I'm not 100% sure I know what a "riser" is.  I compared the Head bindings to the Look Pivot 14's on my K2 Extremes, and they both have some plastic where the binding mounts to the ski.  If the Pivots don't have a riser, then the Head SL70's don't either.  There isn't a race plate, or a power rail system.  All kids 7 din bindings are pretty light. 


Here's a link to show what the bindings look like:  http://www.skiershop.com/head-tyrolia-sl-70-ac-junior-binding/


I will try BMM.



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Some race and jr race bindings come with thicker plastic base plates to boost the boot up higher above the ski.  Those look fine to me. 

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