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Carving/Park: 5th Element Darwin Skis (161cm) or Salomon Ripper Skis (160cm)?

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Hi, I'm an intermediate skier and I'm looking at buying my first pair of new skis online(I owned a pair of ex-rental). While I like to ski all mountain, I like in particular to carve on intermediate runs and do a few spins in the park. So how do these two compare?

In particular:
1) I notice the shorter turn radius of the Darwin so can I say the Darwin is a better carver? How does this on the other hand affect my experience in the park?

2) What about the widths? How do they compare?

3) I've heard nothing about 5th Element so I wonder if they worth the money in general?

4) All in all, do they focus more on one style or the other, or are they quite similar really (the seller defines the Ripper as freestyle skis with )? Is there anything else to consider? (Does construction really matter?)

5) I'm 163cm and 55kg so I assume the lengths are good for me, considering they are both twin-tip?

The Specs:
Skis: Salomon Ripper Skis | 5th Element Darwin Skis
Ski Bindings:: Salomon Z 11 Wide Brake Ski Bindings | Salomon Z 11 Wide Brake Ski Bindings
Type: Freestyle Skis | All-Mountain Skis (75-90)
Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 122/85/112mm (@ 161cm) | 115/85/106mm
Turn Radius: 16-20 | 11-15
Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 16.3m (@ 161cm) | -
Tail Profile: Twin | Twin
Construction Type: Cap | Sidewall
Rocker: Camber | Camber

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Core Material: Composite | Wood
Base Material: Sintered | Extruded

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Never heard of either ski (probably because not on my radar); however, if you want to buy on-line because you are going to save some $$$ and you haven't demo'd the skis in question, then it will be a crapshoot whether the ski is any good for you.


Probably off topic but it will be raised; if you are starting out, the first bit of hardware you buy is your ski boots, to be purchased in a reputable shop and professionally fitted.  Being relatively new to the sport, this will tear you a new hole. Get used to it, that is the nature of skiing (expensive).


Back to skis. Go to a good ski shop, explain how you ski and tell them that you want to demo some skis before you buy and go with their recommendations.  They will charge you a hire fee which will usually be comped against any purchase.  If you like the skis you demo, find the best price (where your internet skillz come in) and barter. Don't necessarily expect them to beat the best price, but close enough is good enough. If you don't like the ski you demo'd explain why; the shop should put you on something different once you have articulated what is happening.  Sometimes it is a bad tune (shouldn't happen but it does).

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It would be good if I had a chance to demo the skis beforehand. However, as I'm living in Hong Kong there is hardly any ski shop around (shame we never get snow!) so demo is not an option. I'm actually preparing for my trip to Japan later during Christmas and I saw these two pairs of skis on ski.com which are on sale. So I'm afraid the specs are the best and only way to "feel" the skis...


Still of course, your comments have given me insights as to how I should buy another pair of skis later on. Thanks a lot Taxman!

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Skis are quiet cheap in Japan and you can demo them there as well.

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That would be good too. If I go there on season (Dec/Jan) will the price rise a bit? Do most ski shops offer demo?

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