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Avalanche near Valle Nevado

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The only report I hear of this is on Unofficial Networks, so I guess its "unofficial" 


They are reporting that a skier was killed by an avalanche near (emphasis on near) Valle Nevado Ski Resort. 


Here is their story, which seems fairly brief at the moment. 






The body of 27-year-old Ismael Sanchez Undurraga was found yesterday by Carabineros de Chile and Andean rescue personnel in the Andes Mountains outside of Santiago, Chile.

Undurraga was skiing with four friends on Saturday when the avalanche struck the group near Valle Nevado ski resort. His companions suffered only minor injuries but Undurraga was swept into a ravine where he was later found buried under two feet of snow.

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Here what seems to me a little more reliable




Looks like a skier died and 4 more were in the group, the report says it was in the region of Valle Nevado, doesn't really say how close though. Also some interesting things like the skier was found far away from his pack and was buried bellow 2 meters ~ 78 in of snow and was found using avalanche rescue dogs.

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Thanks for posting the article.  It definitely seems more accurate.  It also made me hone my rusty(extremely rusty) Spanish speaking skills. 


It looks like they've had some good snow in South America this season.  That makes for good skiing but also brings avalanche risk. 

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I spoke to some instructors from Valle who were skiing over here yesterday, they reckoned that one of the group was a patroller from Valle, only 2 of the group were wearing beacons and that the area they were in was out of bounds. I have heard a bunch of different stories since the avalanche, but that one sounds pretty plausible. 

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