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What's the best altitude/speed ap for iPhones?
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Hi Kneale,


I'm not sure what the best one is or even what defines that.  Accuracy maybe?  I have an iPhone and use Ski Tracks.  I'm happy with it.  For altitude, it seems to be +/- 30 feet.  I get off at the same lift and haven't gotten taller in a very long time, it it always seems to be a different height.  For the (I think) $1.99 or $2.99 I paid for the app, the speed accuracy is fine for "me".  It's more of a curiosity than a need to know.  If it says I'm going 42mph and I'm really doing 45 or 38, it's OK.  Sometimes I use it to see how slow I can go too.  At the end of the season I was using it to see if my fastest time in NASTAR was also my highest MPH or not.


Anyway, as long as you don't have to call in a Air Strike, it'll do the job smile.gif


I would prefer to have something perfectly accurate as I'm incredibly anal at things like that (annoys me that my car's GPS always has my driveway at different altitudes too), but I keep asking myself if the data was more accurate, what would I do differently?th_dunno-1[1].gif  As they chanted in the movie "Meatballs" - "It just doesn't matter."



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Well the iPhone doesn't have an altimeter, so for any app to give you altitude it needs to be referencing google earth or something using the gps.


I've found them all useless, but that's just me.  Love my altimeter watch though.

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GPS Altitude is inherently inaccurate because of the angle of the satellites (good for position, bad for altitude).  You need a barometric pressure altimeter built in to get a good altitude.  Some hand held GPS devices have a  barometric pressure altimeter built in, but most (all?) phones including the iPhone don't.  


An application can also take a GPS location and use know elevations (basically a topo map) to correct the altitude.  Some applications do this in post-processing your GPS data.  I don't know of any that do this in real-time, but it's possible they are available.


Here's more detail than you ever wanted to know about all this:


What's your need for the altitude/speed app?  Knowing the use might help us point you in the right direction.

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No need. Just curiosity. Accuracy is not really important.
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I use Elevation, a free app.

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