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Bluetooth Earbuds and Helmets

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Does anyone know of a pair that will fit nicely under a helmet.  I have the POC Skull Comp.  If all goes well this coming season, I'll be spending a few hours training and much of that ends up being on my own.  I just want something to distract me from the monotony of repetitive runs doing the same tedious drill, but I dislike cords wrapped around everything and having to take off my helmet to take off my jacket and all that.  They don't have to be world class, but I don't want crap either.


I also plan on using them for working out in the morning.  I like listening to music but when I work out, the rest of the house is sleeping and again, I would prefer to not be tethered to something.  Of course I would use them when doing my chores like cutting the grass too.


Just curious if anyone has had any success with one model or another under their helmet.




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My current setup is helmet with audio ear pads and I bought a little device called the Jabra Clipper. My ear pads plug into the clipper which wirelessly connects to my phone in my pocket. Works pretty well. I can take calls and control my music. The buttons are a little hard to press with gloves on. Your best bet is to get a helmet that has it all integrated, which is what I am going to be doing this year. I couldn't afford it when I bought my current helmet and this solution works well.
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Most of the helmets I've seen with earphones incorporated in the design are soft ear helmets. I need a hard ear helmet for racing.

I put my helmet on today with some inexpensive earbuds I have for swimming. The fit was fine and the helmet keeps them from falling out.

I think as long as I get something about the same size Nd durable, as be ok..
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Then you'd be good to go with the jabra device. I just clip it to my chin strap. It's waterproof and you can use whatever ear buds you like.

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Hmmm. Looks pretty good. I'll do more research tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.
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Since I'm not working today and the weather is lousy, I spent too much time researching this and other similar ones.  Ended up right back here and ordered the Jabra Clipper.  I decided I wanted the flexibility of using whatever earbuds I wanted and when doing computer work, could connect to my Bose over ear headphones.


The only annoying part was (once you get past weeding through reviews from people that use things in a way not designed for) is that Amazon prices by color.  Blue is $20 cheaper than black and Pink is $10 cheaper than blue. Ordered the blue one.


Not sure if it will work with the clipper, but other items I viewed like this one you can use as a dongle to give you bluetooth capabilities to other things like stereos.  I don't really need that but it is a nice feature to have.


Thanks again for the tip,



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I use the Jabra Clippers with a pair of cheap motorcycle helmet speakers. The speakers are pretty flat and small. Should fit a hard shell helmet.

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