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I'll be working Fairway 9 shotlink at the AT&T tomorrow PM, greenside 15 on Sat mid day and the scoreboard on Sunday morning.  I love playing with toys! Anyone have any questions I can research?

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Can you count how many times the crowd yells IN THE HOLE? 

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It might be kind of fun to know who are the shortest and longest drivers in the field and whether any got into contention. Presumably, the long drivers might be more likely to contend, but maybe one of the weak hitters makes a lot of putts? Have fun. Last time I spectated at a pro tourney at Congressional was the PGA Championship in 1976. The winner was an unconsciously good putter, Dave Stockton:-)
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All the stats are sent online within seconds. One place they go is shot tracker.

That is really cool. You can see every shot on every hole for the tourney.


I worked the short fairway laser on #9 (par 5) yesterday. I could not hear any "in the hole"s. The tee shot was into the wind. There were few shots over 300 yards and length did not seem to make significant difference. Nobody went for the green in 2. It looked like that most who were in the fairway on the tee shot were able to hit fairway on the second and use a wedge for the third. Looking at the walking scorers that went by there were plenty of short hitters who were leading their group. The long hitters who were in the fairway were also doing well. There were long hitters in the rough who were hurting puppies. The fairways at CCC are very narrow and the rough looks brutal.


The surprise of the day was Snedecker. His tee shot was short and way left. His second shot was put on purpose to the #4 tee box area (about 50 yards left of #9 fairway). His 3rd shot landed on the green and he made a 54 foot birdie.

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