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Dakine Commander gloves, opinions?

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So I'm looking for a pair of warm gloves with decent dexterity that will hold up over time. Light padding is a plus as getting whipped by underbrush sucks. I was looking at the Hestra freerides but they are a bit beyond my price range and thought that the Dakine commanders look like a cheaper alternative. Does anyone have any experience with these?

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Get a hestra glove on STP, wait for a coupon and you can have them really cheaper! This past weekend all the hestra gloves had an extra 45% discount on STP.


Wait for it and you can have a top of the line glove quality for less than half the price! Lots of good options for Hestra gloves on STP right now...


if you don't know how to get extra discount coupons just sign up for their dealflyer and check them out on facebook and twitter


btw, STP = sierratradingpost

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Ahhh STP does not have any of the Hestras I was looking at in my size. It seems like almost everyone hates size 8/mediums

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another one I can recommend is the Black Diamond Legend, I have one and I like it a lot! Also available at STP all sizes... all leather, and holds up pretty well! But it's not super warm. It's definitively not as warm as my hestra seth 3-fingers, but it works for all conditions other than those super cold days! also a steal if you use a coupon!

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That was on my short list however looking at reviews I gather that the Dakine is a good deal warmer. The few reviews I could find raves about the warmth except one diabetic guy, who's review had a few red flags to me. When looking at glove reviews I've found there's ALWAYS ALWAYS someone who didn't find them warm enough, even the Hestra mits that are quite obviously super toasty. I've found the Dakine's for 80$ in M on amazon which is the very very upper limit of what I'm willing to pay and even then I feel like I splurged a lot for my budget.

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Link to said gloves: http://www.backcountry.com/dakine-commander-glove-mens (amazon is the only one with mediums in stock apparently)

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Sorry for the triple post but I have a question. So I finally bit the bullet and got the hestra's for 98$ (ouch). I have some sno-seal wax around, my question is, how often do you treat your gloves to keep them in good condition? Before every heavy use? Every couple of uses? Every year?

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which hestra did you get? I used the one that came with the gloves the first time before using the gloves. Then I would use it once a season... depending on how many days you got. if you notice the leather starts to get wet just re apply the balm.


The glove should have come with enough balm for a first time use...

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Got the vertical freerides in black. They seemed universally acclaimed and getting them in black means I don't have to worry too much about darkening the leather when treated. I picked them up from st bernard's sports out of Texas. I figured, if I waited till August when everyone restocks there wouldn't be a sale for quite some time, and few enough had my size already in stock. 

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I'm a little late to the party, but I had Hestra VCFs, and Seth Morrisons, and I didn't like the way they fit my hands.  I currently own a pair of Dakine Commanders, and I freakin' love them.


My hands fit in Dakine gloves, and they don't fit Hestras. 

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Pretty darn happy with my hestras thus far, very dextrous and have a nice snug fit. I also love the amount of padding as my hands are my livelyhood, and I really can't chance anything happening to them. My one concern is that there doesn't feel like too much glove around my hand (despite the padding) so I'm wondering how the warmth is going to be. Also one of the index fingers seemed to be set twisted inwards a little so it's harder to close, however I figure this is covered under warranty so I sent them in. If the ones they send back fit as well as the left hand I'll be good.

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I bought my first pair of high quality gloves last year. I bought the Hestra three finger model and could not be happier. I liked them so much I bought Hestra gloves for my other three family members and they too are very happy with their Hestras. I'm sure there are other high end gloves that are equally warm but for my family the Hestras are some of the best money we've spent on ski gear.

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