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I have to tell you bored too that I went to Scandanavian Ski shop for boots in 01. They suggested a Rossignol boot that I would have to buy before I tried on. Something about them filling this model with foam to fit around my foot at $500. I found them to be very high pressure sales. I think 3 sales guys were pressuring me at once (no other customers in sight)and I was only there for 10-15 minutes as I did not want to buy a boot before I tried it on. They were not giving me alternatives to this Rossignol boot that I could try on. I also purchased a sled in there for my boss (02) that I later discoverd both Princeton and Paragon ski shop sold for significantly less. I kid you not.

I always check out what they have but I think they bilk neighborhood people that don't need to shop for a market price.

Just ordered c 8.18 thanks everyone especially the last minute mom that told me about her daughters success. I forgot in all my searches that this is an excellent East coast ski.
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Rebecca, I'll jump in here for a sec just to clarify what scales said. As a ski choice, he made a very good suggestion in either the 8:18 or the 9:18. In the East, you'll wanna go with the C 8:18 probably the W (women's). The C (carve) series has a narrower feel underfoot and is designed to aid in making great turns. The R (for Ride) is a midfat, it's wider underfoot and is gonna give you a ompromise between deep snow performance and hardpack performance. For VT, I'd go with the C 8:18 W. It's a great learning ski, but it has enough "umph" to take you through to the advanced stage of your skiing.

edit: sorry about this post. In my nervousness over loosing a rather important school book that will probably cost me my ass in about oh 12 hours, I didn't notice page 2. Congrats on the purchase Rebecca! Hope you hang around with us for a while!

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Find a level III cert ski instructor at a resort who you trust. Ask them for help in buying skis. It is possible to get a pair of used skis from an instructor and save a great deal of money. Most of the time they'll be in good shape. Bindings merely need to be "teched" by a certified technician to set the DIN and forward pressure correctly.

I often take my students to a local shop and help themn through the process. Buy a ski that comes to your chin (give or take 3 inches)

If you take a lesson and it's no good go see the ski school supervisor or director and complain. There are a lot of good lessons being taught and a lot of lousy ones. Find a good instructor.
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Thanks Rusty if you read this I just saw your response. I think I will do that at sugarbush this year. They are kind of famous for lousy lessons. I don't think I have ever met someone that had a good lesson there.
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Hey Zacman did you get your ass back yet???
Unfortunately can't make to Stowe this weekend if that is what you were referring to. TOOOOOOO BAD looks like fun and certainly the lessons I need.
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rebecca, i'm sure you've heard it already, but demo everything you can. try it brfore you buy it. there are alot of great skis out there, but there are only a few that you'll love, take your time and find them. you'll be happier later
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i would recommend a racing stock slalom ski. it will take you from where you are now to beyond. it will turn be ligth weight and stable at speed (its a racing ski). it won't be on the regular rack. you can ski them short because of their construction. I am 5'2 130 agressive and ski a 150 k2 patriot racing stock on the hard pack. it goes flat out, bumps, trees and ice which would be good for your area. I think most brands of racing stock slaloms would be worth looking for a deal in and just don't get too long of a ski.
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Rebacca, You said you liked the lesson you took at Okemo. If you would like to take a private there I can give you the name of someone you may want to request a private with, she will take care of you. PM me. I work at Okemo and know quite a few insturctors.
You may want to do foot beds before you buy skis. Again in the Okemo/Ludlow area Northern Ski Works is the place to go.

There are any number of good skis out, as your finding, it is hard to pick the right one without a demo. Salomon is have free demo's at Okemo Jan 23-25th. You may beable to demo this years skis that are the same as last years. Most skis don't change take much year to year. Don't be in a hurry to spend your money.

Good Luck and Happy Holiday's
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Thanks Max I will be in sugarbush most of the season. I love Okemo but I have already made season arrangements for Sugarbush, cheaper and I have car pool transport. Still curious about who you are suggesting because 2 different women at Okemo gave me great confidence in the begining. Would not remember their names though.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
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...Not bad Rebecca....staying at the Bush for a while is something I could take
Been out skiing lately?
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Hi Haveskiwillclimb

Just in Sugarbush for a week. Unfortunately, I only was on the slopes for 3 out of 6 days. Came home a day earlier. The good news is that this forum was right on the money with the ski suggestions. I saw my skis all over the place. I also noticed I was not out of control on powder?? There was one day of powder. Thanks again everyone!!!
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If you would like, send me a PM and I'll give you some names. Okemo has a Womens Ski Spree throughout the season 3 to 5 days of lessons with the same group. Woman seem to like the ski sprees because they always seem to be booked.

Enjoy your season. I'm sure if you ask around the Ski school at Sugarbush or maybe someone here could give you the name of some good women at the Bush.
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just wondering why would I want a women centered ski group? Would like the names of someone good at Sugarbush. Also, if you know of any clubs that come up to Okemo from NYC that would be helpful. I miss those groomed slopes.

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