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Ski Idaho!

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Hello Skiers!


My name is Tom Glass, I'm a lifelong skier and outdoor enthusiast.  Together with a good friend, I've recently been selected by Outside Magazine as a finalist for a $10,000 grant to ski across the state of Idaho.  The selection process is now up to the public, and we'd love your help!  If you'd like to vote, simply visit the Outside Magazine website, find the project you like best (we hope we know which one that is!), and click "Vote." You can vote once per day between now and the June 28th. And, if you're inspired, spread the word! Share with friends, on Facebook, through blogs... however you like.


I have an incredible love for skiing, and believe that this adventure will showcase the wildness of Idaho like no other.  Join us as we ski Idaho!


Many thanks,


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The page that link takes you to seems to be the "already voted" page. I think this is the vote for project page:

And the all over project is here:
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whats the route on this trip?

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Was in the paragraph on this page, but the voting ended so don't know what happened.

They might not have done it.

Found some videos here, didn't watch them.
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