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Alpine Canada's Chief Executive Max Gartner announced plans to step down as soon as a successor can be found, just 8 months before the Sochi Winter Olympics.




"I believe now is the right time for a new leader, one with the energy and vision to shape the future of Alpine Canada's business operations, to lead our teams into a very important year," Gartner said.

"It has been a very challenging time for all winter sports organisations and it is my view that Alpine Canada needs to start preparing for any further changes in the sports landscape that are forthcoming after Sochi by putting in place long-term plans that will hopefully provide better support for all of our athletes.

Gartner spoke confidently about Canadian skiers' medal chances at Sochi.

"We have put together a world-class team of coaches and athletes," Gartner said. "With just eight months to go until the Olympic Games, our racers are motivated, energised and ready to bring some medals home to Canada. I feel good about leaving the organisation in very good hands on the athletic side."



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