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Lange World Cup 160 RP ZB/ZB Buckles

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I recently bought a pair of Lange RL11 RP in a ZB flex. The boot has a 92mm last and a non DIN sole. When I was looking them over I noticed that the four buckles on each boot are only fastened with screws on the "outboard" end and the "inboard" end is free. I have two pairs of the consumer model Lange RL11 and both pairs have both screws in each buckle.  Inside the box was a plastic bag with two longer bales for the buckles and an Allan key but no screws and tee nuts. Are  these buckles supposed to be attached with one screw or do I need to investigate further?

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One screw only---they will work fine.



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Thanks Mike, I asked the shop were I bought them to check another pair (before I had read your reply) and it was the same. I'm kind of surprised though, is this a peculiarity of Lange or do some other manufacturers lake a less is more approach to "race stock" too? Do the factory boot technicians usually install the second screw or are the Lange boots that I see in the World Cup races on TV all held together with one screw per buckle? I've read many references to "race stock" boots in Epic forums and never have I ever read that the buckles are attached with only one fastener. I do realize that if one screw is strong enough to fasten the hook side of the buckle set then the buckle side can be fastened with one as well. Thanks again for your answer Mike, your thoughts on the rest would be appreciated.  

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On the race stock boots the plastic is thicker in most areas and is plenty strong---I have never heard of one pulling out---less is more would apply.



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Just remember to Loctite with blue and check screw tightness regularly!  one screw helps with flex smoothness and allows better buckle alignment, there are less broken buckles now with one screw and its common with several brands.

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Thanks for the insight Sandy, I'll certainly make sure the screws are secure. Can you shed any light on the Cant Angle question that I posted last week? It's in this forum but in a nutshell...


Are the top racers set up a little on their inside edge or outside edge and by how much?

What is the range of the cant angle and which is the most common?

Do you use the boot mold seam aligned with the measured center of the knee as a zero angle point?

Do they have different canting setups for different events or courses?

If so do they make these changes by changing the shaft angle or do they have different setups on different pairs of boots?

And if it doesn't compromise any confidence, who did you set up and what are their angles?


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