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Hello from Bavaria and a big question, ...

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Hy Folks !:-)


My Name is Marcus and I `m from Bavaria, ... it Looks like I` m moving next year in the SE Idaho/Wyoming Area, because my spouse is from this area . So I should get my Green Card during the next months, ...


Im a Member of the Deutsche Skilehrerverband (DSLV) and im an  certified Level 2 Telemarkinstructor. Can I switch over from DSLV to PSIA without any problems ? So can I change my German Licence Level 2 into an Level 2 PSIA licence ? Because I think to know there are international regulation via ISIA.


Next question is , im 2/3 done with my level 3 Exams. I had last April an accident and I wasent able to make the last 2 Exams ( Technik-Ride and one free run). Can I finish my Exams in the states or is it better to finish it back home ? This is important to know for my Greencard and my immigration.


I have an Level 3 Licence from the DSV ( Deutscher Skiverband ) , and an ÖSV ( Österreichischer Skiverband ) Level 2 Licence but only with an IVSI Stamp.


And the same Level 2 with an IVSI Stamp from DSV for Snowboard.


But I guess all this IVSI Stuff don't help me at all, ... or perhaps ??? I don't think so, ...


Next Question is , knows somebody a skischool in the S/E ID,WY Area who needs an Instructor , mainly for Telemark - but I don't care other disciplnes. I talked already this winter to the chief of Grand Targhee Skischool , but I want to know more stuff, ...


So far I know that "my" office for PSIA is in SLC , so ...or should I ask there for all my questions?


Thank u all so far and have a nice day !


cheers , daMarcus


P.S.: Sorry , for my English !;-)

P.S.S.: Hopefully this is the right main threat, then not move it , please, ... 

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Welcome to Epicski and soon to the USA Marcus, 


23 years ago, I moved from Garmisch to Montana with my "Staatlicher Skilehrer" from the DSLV. I joined the PSIA Northern Rocky Mountain Division. That division accepted me as a Level II instructor and I went for my level III (Full Certification) the first season I taught in Big Sky Resort. I am reasonably certain that the other divisions have a similar rule. You get accepted one level lower compared to the one you have in your home country.


Here is a link to all the Idaho resorts: http://www.skiidaho.us/resorts

You can try to contact the director of the snow sports/ mountain sport / ski schools now, or wait till fall. That's usually the time they are looking for instructors for the upcoming season.


Also, you can join PSIA now. If you teach in Idaho, you will belong to the Northern Intermountain Division, their home office is actually in Ketchum, Idaho. http://www.thesnowpros.org/BeaSkiorSnowboardInstructor/divisions/NorthernIntermountainDivision.aspx


I would recommend joining now, get some of the books and start reading. That will get you familiar with the "lingo". (In 1990 I had no idea what PSIA meant with "Centerline Maneuvers")


Good luck with your move to the US. Please feel free to contact me directly with a PM.



aka Little Bear

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Thank u Ursula !:-)


Ur Info is a start , ... !!! Thanks a lot !


The books, well, ... ok i buy more Ski-Instructor-books and my Man-Cave is called a Library ;-) !


Cheers , daMarcus

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