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Powder Ski help

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I am a 161pound , 5ft10 and half inch tall Australian. I live in Sydney. I'm a very fit 45yrs old.

I am heading to Japan next February to ski in some wicked powder. The last pair of skis I bought was from the Colorado Ski shop and got a great price.  I am interested in buying The Nordica Unleashed Hell as my goto everyday between the tree ski. I spent 2 days on the Rossi S7 last time in Japan and thought they were a very good ski, also tried one of the Armadas, but it flapped and cheattered around on the groomers coming back to the lift, so, they're out.


I think the Helldorado could be good but I keep reading that they can put you in the back seat if you are not on your game. I do like a lightweight,manoeuvrable  ski that I can ski on all day as I will be skiing as much and as often as possible.


Any thoughts would be helpful.

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you can try the Patron for a more forgiving version of the Heldorado. Line Opus is a very good ski as well...

are you getting the skis before going to Japan? So no chance to demo or try different thing while you are there?

Blistergearreviews have a few skis reviews done in Japan, I think the Opus is one of them
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If you're heading to Niseko, I'd highly recommend demo'ing at Rhythm Sports before buying blindly. They have some great skis to try and really know what they're doing. Volkl Shiros, Salomon R2 115's and Armada JJ's on tap. Probably some new goodies for next season by the time you're there.


If you're hellbent on buying, use Blister as a reference point for reviews. Really it all comes down to what type of skier you are and what puts a smile on your face. I just picked up a pair of Bibbys and am giddy just thinking about next season. Speaking of which, may be back in Niseko in January.

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Another great ski I tried this year was the Atomic Bent Chettler! Really liked that ski, and I'm 5'5"/150lbs skiing the 183cm.

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Re. The Blister Gear Review trip...


They took a bunch of stuff over.

You can look up the individual reviews of each ski they took from their index.


For what it's worth (not a lot), I am in a similar situation (going Hokkaido in late January/early February) and will be skiing on a shiny new pair of Praxis Protests.

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Thanks for all the good advice.
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Rossi S7 is kind of the benchmark funshape at this point, but it is fairly heavy, especially for a ski that sucks on groomers anyway.  Look at the Blizzard Cochise if you want a ski that does better in all conditions.  If you want a dedicated pow board, there is no reason it should be heavy.  I will be skiing the new Voile V8 as my backcountry powder rig next winter- similar shape to your S7s, but 3 pounds lighter/pair.  At this point I would not buy a dedicated powder ski that weighs more than 9.5 lbs.  

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I ski a few of the DPS powder ski in PURE form and believe you'd find the Praxis Protest for powder one of the most highly reccomended skis by any one who has skied them.

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I can't say enough good things about my Moment Bibby Pro's, they got to see about 6-9 inches of powder in Idaho and when it wasn't snowing they crushed chopped up crud and were pretty fun to cruise around on despite their pretty wide length. I imagine in the real deep stuff in Japan they'd be pretty fantastic, but I can't really speak to how they handle those conditions

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I ski Praxis Protests in Niseko/Rusutsu, and have previously enjoy Moment Night Trains there and Moment Bibbys in Alta/Snowbird. All good choices. Suggestion to demo at Rhythym or one of the other shops in Niseko is also good. The one thing in Japan is usually you have to ski some tracked/bumped/groomed to get back to the lifts, and often in a lot of traffic. That's why I haven't gone to a full reverse/reverse powder ski.

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