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atomic e-zone 120 skiboard ezone reviews???

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hello. anyone ever ski on these ezone skiboards? i've never skiboarded, but these skiboards seem interesting--releasable bindings & longer length than most skiboards. i'm only 165 lbs but i didn't know if i'd still overpower them. i want to carve really tight turns mainly & have fun on a smallish mountain, not too into tricks as far as i know. THANKS!
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I think I know you, hehe. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

You should get some good info here.
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Last year (as a beginner skier who had skied a few times and was hooked) I got the 120's after reading the reviews on www.skiboards.com. They really taught me how to ski. They are fast and a lot of fun. Very easy to turn anywhere. Now I have regular longer Atomics but I would never get rid of these. My daughter who is a pretty good athelete and has no fear on skis, loves them and uses them without poles. My snowboarder husband (6'2", over 200 pounds) has tried them out .
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thanks madbee. do the e-zones feel like skis to u, or more like skates? also, what advantage do your regular skis have over the 120's, & the visa-versa? are the ezones worse on ice?

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The 120's feel like skis to me and I use them that way. The daughter (who also rollerblades) uses them both ways. They gave me a lot of confidence because they were easy to handle. I am 5'2" . I moved up to atomics e:5s because the women's came in a 140. I don't know what you are looking for and what kind of skier you are, but maybe the e:5s (which are cheap and you can pick up last year's on ebay) would be better. They were very stable. I just went kept going on harder and harder terrain with them. (This fall I invested in an upgrade c:9 at the vast length of 150) madbee
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Never tried the eZone, but have tried the Elan NXT school ski, the Rossi BC, several Lines, and the Salomon MiniMax. I am 6', 195lbs. It has never been a question of overpowering, because so little of the behavior of these things is affected by flex.

You may have trouble finding the right line to to use in deep powder, but it can be done.

There have been several days here in the Mid-Atlantic where the rental shops have refused to let them out, the slopes were that icy. If you have trouble on ice, you may want to look for more edge length on those days.

Be prepared to wax the 1 cm nearest the edges far more often than you do now, with the hardest wax you can get.
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