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Now I have a question regarding setting forward pressure on FreeFlex

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Well, first I had trouble with setting up my FKS bindings to my new boots (resolved), now I'm having trouble setting up my Tyrolia FF!  (What gives?!?).  


Anyway, here's my problem. I'm setting the forward pressure like I always have: pop tab and slide heel piece until it's just touching the boot (photo 1).  No matter how close I get the heel cup to the boot, I can just barely get the forward pressure into the "zone" (photo 2, showing the indicator is just barely on the first hash).  Is there something I'm missing??  Is this okay?





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Mounted on a plate?  If so check holes that yoo used and make sure they are correct for BSL


You need to check the steel band that interfaces the toe and heel and make sure the band is in the correct holes in the toe piece base.


Unscrew toe piece and lift off and inspect. If everything ok you are going to have to live with it! or redrill


As long as it is in the scribed area they will work. Centered is 'IDEAL' but not mandatory.

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remove the boot from the procedure, pop the tab up, slide it forward ONE CLICK from where it is in the photo. Done.

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Agree with remove the boot.  Using the boot as a guide should get you to the tabslot that most likely will work.  Now move it to the next (in the direction that should move the pointer towards the middle of the range) tab slot.  You only have two choices.  If the next one is out the other way, and this one is barely in, then barely in is what I would go with.  If you haven't got any positions left to move it to, then you likely used the wrong holes in the plate, and a R&R is needed.


EDIT: Actually since, it's in the range,  I probably would not bother with the R&R if there wasn't another tab to go for.  My FF17+ is barely (I can't recall how barely, but I would have thought the spacing between the two tab slots would have allowed me to dial it into the middle a lot more than it did)  in the range at the proper setting for one of my pairs of boots, and barely out the other way at the next tab.  (I switch between my race boots and my cold-weather comfy boots - BTW I thought the race boots were finally ok, but I discovered after skiing all day at the t-bar hill, that they still need some work hijack.gif  ). 

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Thanks, all: that got it!  You guys are great!!


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No wait, there's more!  I got the forward pressure just right on both bindings, but noticed that the heel of one binding was mounted one back from the other (these are mounted on a 9mm Tyrola carve plate, and the whole setup was mounted by a great shop).  I investigated by removing both bindings from the plates and here's what I noticed (please forgive my vocabulary, I have no idea what the pieces I'm about to describe are called.  Hopefully the photo will help): There's a metal brace that's connected to the underside of the heel piece (photo 1).  One of the braces is attached in a way that makes the binding run shorter than the other one (this is why one binding was mounted one setting up from the other one when the toe pieces were attached to the FreeFlex system in the same way (photo 2).  I have two pair of these bindings and all of braces are attached in the same way except the one "short" one (depicted on the right of photo 1).  I cannot see how I can equalize the brace without really dismantling the binding, which I'm not going to do.  Should I just keep them mounted differently (the toes are in the same holes), so long as I can get the right forward pressure?  Why is one (of four) different?  Thanks!


Photo 1:



Photo 2:


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I'm not sure from pics and description what's going on, but I have one guess.  If your 4 bindings were all mounted to the same holes in the same plates, they should all look the same when adjusted for the same size boot.  Is the Free-Flex on-off springgy thing (note the technical term !)  turned on and applying pressure to those tiny springs on all 4 bindings.  This should be turned off to mount the bindings, then turned on and left on. 

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Thanks, Ghost, you nailed it: turning the FreeFlex "On" did the trick -- I guess the original mount was done with one FreeFlex On and the other Off, explaining why one was mounted one position back from the other.  It's all fixed now!  

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