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Some Equipment Q's for East Coast BC

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So I'm interested in getting out into the East Coast BC and trying some of the classic tours in Goodman's Northeast ski tours book (in NH, VT, NY and MA). I'm a physically fit, advanced resort downhill skier that looks to go off-piste within the resort whenever I can. After reading the book, it seems like a lot of the tours involve a mix of downhill and cross country ski technique. Some tours are moderate with flat and rolling terrain and kick and glides and others are more downhill oriented. I'm also interested in doing some of the moderate tours mainly for the purpose of sightseeing and picture-taking. My plan has been to get alpine touring gear or rig my alpine gear with the MFD Alltime just to dip my toes in. I have Blizzard Bushwackers which should work well for the backcountry. My question is, can AT gear be used for more moderate tours that are more like cross country skiing? In other words, can I turn my downhill skis into cross country skis if I don't put skins on and apply kick wax or do I have to have an AT set-up and a cross country setup AND a lesson in cross country skiing to boot? Thanks in advance.
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You might want to look at the current crop of AT skis with patterned bases. I get around pretty well uphill and down on Fischer 112 BC's mounted with Dynafits. You could go a little narrower for the EC IMO.

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