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Left/Right Ski Designation

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The store where I bought my Axis X skis (Oshman's Houston)designated a left and right ski. Solomon bindings were installed. Does it make sense to have a left and right ski? Or should I randomly pick which ski to put on each foot? The skis have only been on the snow 6 days if that matters. Thanks, Greg
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If they have actually put an L and R on them then it means they've detuned the tips (& tails?) further on one side than the other. If they have just put stickers with arrows on them, then this is a guide for you, so you could ski with arrows out in the morning and arrows in in the afternoon, thus giving you even wear on the edges (and hopefully meaning you have more grip, cause you won't be wearing down one edge only)

If they are L & R and you like them set like that, then when you get them serviced, remind the shop to do them that way, otherwise, normal service is fine.

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I ski a bunch with the RIGHT ski sticker on the right foot. Then I hit some roots or rocks and the edge gets sketchy. I then put the RIGHT stickered ski on left foot. I suppose I ought to have stickers that say TUNE ME.
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Left & right skis are a thing of the past. There were two main reasons to have a left & right ski. The first was that bindings were adjusted different for the left & right boot, something that isn't done with today's binding & boots. The second was many people would keep their inside edges sharper than their outside edges. That practice is pretty much a thing of the past, also.
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Still pretty common in racing however and on your "go fast skis" where rolling onto that outside edge can get pretty dramatic.
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Right and Left skis useful for two reasons.

1. if you have shimmed your bindings for alignment reasons, then you must know which ski goes on whcih foot. I use a small decall on my right tip to designate that ski.

2. Before alignment I favored a right ad left ski. I knew that if I needed sharper edges because of icey conditions, chances are swapping right and left skis would give me better downhill inside edges.
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I simply have taken a marker and drawn arrows towards the inside edge of my skis. This allows me to know which edge I'm on, and rotate between the two edges as needed. If I were still racing, I would definiatly want to know which ski was which, an unexpected sharp or dull edge does a lot of damage to your times.
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I have a left and right because you will definitely notice a difference if you are skiing a lot. Find out which way feels better and away you go. Psychological as well.
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I am still a Left and Right guy. I tune that way too. Change in bevel, sharpness ect. I pay more attention to my inside edge and make sure it is razor sharp. My outside edge I make sure it is very sharp.
As the season goes on and I've beaten the crap out of my edges I will then switch skis from left to right and right to left.

For me I get used the way my skis react and carve. If I try switching in the middle of the day I notice the difference because I have turned a specific way. Even after I switch the ski it take a little time to get them dialed in to where I like them.

Every one does things a bit differently and what ever works best for you, works best for you.
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the "left" ski is the one that's under your left boot.

the "right" ski is the one that's under your right boot.

now, if you should put your left foot in your right boot, then you need to change the "b" to an "f"

otherwise, it doesn't matter which ski goes on which foot
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Thanks for the tip, now I know what I've been doing wrong all these years.

Now, which one is my right foot?

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obviously, Zorro, it's the one that isn't the wrong foot

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rio:
Left & right skis are a thing of the past.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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