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Do you dream about skiing?

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The 'do you look at your skis' thread made me think of this.  Do you guys dream about skiing? If so, what are your dreams like?  I regularly dream about skiing, especially when I am not getting my fix of it.


A month or so back I had a really wild one.  I was skiing on Mt. Hood on a glacier and it actually started erupting simultaneously with St. Helens and Rainier and I had to outrun the eruption by skiing an epic couloir which ended in a cliff and killed me.  I vividly remember the view from the glacier looking at the smoke and ash billowing from the other mountains in my dream land.  I am sure this dream had some sort of meaning but I haven't figured it out yet.


Anyone else care to share a ski dream?

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i regularly dream about ski and it makes waking up for work that much harder...


and strangely when i dream about ski i ski much  better than i actually do... but it's very enjoyable!

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I don't "sleep" dream about skiing often but have on occasion.  With that is was usually more focused around the event I was doing on skis (i.e. coaching/setting race courses/working in snow sports) than me just skiing.  The focus of the dream wasn't skiing and I just happened to be on skis.


I day dream ALL the time.  Being on epic everyday doesn't help rolleyes.gif

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I have had a few ski dreams. They generally involve: 


fighting crowds in the ticket line

putting on boots

running around looking for my skis and poles

waiting for friends to finish peeing

stomping around in front of the lift lines

spending an inordinate amount of time waiting in the lift line

getting on the chair


and generally, just as I'm about to get off the chair to go ski, I wake up! 

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I have a recurring nightmare about skiing. It usually involves trying to drive on a very bad road to ski Taos and then when I get up on the mountain,  the snow is disappearing and I'm skiing around big patches of dirt and mud.


When I have nice dreams about skiing, they are more likely to be daydreams and then, yes, I too ski much better in the fantasy than in the reality and it's always a powder day!

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My ski dreams tend to be: 

+ Epic powder day is about to go down, I'm at the base and can't find my boots or some other vital piece of the equation


My ski dreams once and a while are: 

+ Epic powder day is going down, I am actually skiing (Note for every one of these there are about 15 of the above)


Probably the funniest ski dream I have ever had: 

+ Taking a run on brand new race skis, snow is suddenly gone, and I'm grinding my bases down on pavement... (Heart attack) 

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I have only recently started having ski dreams. I had one the other night, I'm pretty sure it had to do with the percocet. I forced my casted foot into my ski binding for day 68. I actually made it. But I did ski gingerly, as I wasn't sure how the retention would be.


And yes, as to the above ... most (but not all) of the dreams have been of the forgot-your-pants variety ,ie, inability to reach the pow day, left the skis at home, whatever. 


oh, but I forgot the best and most vivid ski dream, which I think was brought on by turbulence en route to Jackson Hole: the plane crashed, and as it was going down, I was completely and totally at peace, because I knew I would spend the rest of eternity skiing nothing but pow. I don't think there was actually any skiing in that dream, but I sure was happy about it.

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Not really, just an occasional glimpse of making a turn someplace  nice. 

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Do Lyndsey Vonn dreams count? Not that I've ever had one...

I don't recall a ski dream, but pretty frequent daydreams.
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OK, I had a ski related dream last night.  I was in Utah for the first time, went from the airport to the resort.  When I got there I entered the lodge to get my boots on and store my gear.  The inside of the lodge was more like a high school and I was stuck wandering around trying to find my locker.  I had no idea where the locker was.  I was afraid all the snow would melt before I could find it and get my boots on..


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I was hoping people would have some epic hucking cliffs down the side of Everest type dreams.  It seems the common theme is people forgetting gear dreams, lame!

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I frequently  have ski  daydreams, at work...snowfalling.gif

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I don't have ski dreams, but I use skiing to get to dreamland.  When I first close my eyes I often see and feel the same set of turns in the same place.  These are turns I took this last season on the most unique surface that I've ever skied.  The sensation was so unusual that I can still recall it and it helps me quiet my mind to get to sleep.  I wish I could ski that way all night.

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I dreamt about skiing last night!

I wasn't actually skiing of course. It was early season and there was only a light covering of natural snow. The type that just sits on top of the leaves and grass and you can kick it out of the way with your feet. We were trying to figure out what trails if any were going to be open (they were also making snow). Looked up and saw four teenagers coming down the new snow I described above on a narrow trail. They were just heading straight down without any turns.

The odd part was though it was supposed to be we're I work, Crotched, but it wasn't that mountain. Trails were all different and it was set up more like a bowl, with trails facing each other.

I remember that when I was watching the teenagers come down the narrow trail, I was thinking how much fun they were having and what it was like to throw caution to the wind they way I did when I was young.

Probably brought on by thinking too much about the thread debating the chances of passing L3 at 60+ y/o.

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I had more of a nightmare last night.  Dreamt that I had my skis tuned and did not look at them after picking them up in a bag.  Got to the resort and had a pair of purple "02" skis (whatever those are, been checking out ON3Ps, maybe that's where 02 came from), and not my Mantras.

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Dream about skiing???  Hell No!


Snow Bunnies are another story.  I have heard they are an endangered species.

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Noticed this brief topic posted last summer.    I've dreamed about skiing for years and do so more during a ski season than summer as one is always more likely to dream about current life events.   My dream life is however different than that of ordinary people in that all my life I have dreamed nearly all the time I am asleep even if such is just momentary.   Like reading a book late in the evening and nodding off a moment, I'll be dreaming and then wake up while the dropping book is still in the air.  Except decades ago when drunk,(very infrequent alcohol person) cannot recall ever not waking up from a dream.


Last ski dream was a maybe a couple months ago.   In dreams always ski very smoothly and dynamically like a happy bouncing rabbit and it is all so pleasurable and exciting.   Even dreams skiing long lengths of bumps and through powder.  Am also a light sleeper and wake up a lot.  So each night is a series of dreams, sometimes connected, other times not.    Unfortunately dreams have a way of vectoring off away from pleasantness to things we might worry about.   With skiing that might be something like on the ski lift trying to find something inside a pocket that mysteriously has disappeared.  My car keys must have fell out of my pocket!   Ski lifts and resorts in my dreams tend to be a lot like amusements parks with uneasy rides up to the brink of where some rollercoaster will scarily drop.  And then of course if a skiing dream lasts long enough, during lunch break when going back to parking lots, ??? dang my car is missing which means it's been stolen again !!!

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I've had several in the last few years and a few that were lucid dreams as well.  One in particular from about 6 months ago (mine almost all happen in the summer!) had me skiing some mountain I'd never skied before.  In the dream I could ski wherever on the mountain I wanted and it was a pretty bad ass place too!  Super steep.


Often in my skiing dreams the mountain is melting(!) and I'm jumpnig over streams of melt off as I ski.   Crazy.


I did have one dream that involved my local ski bump in MN, but in the dream somehow they had added like twice as much territory as they actually have.   Now that was a nice dream ;)

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Well the skiing dreams have started up again for me.  They always seem to when the heat starts getting bad here in AZ.  I had vivid one last night, I was at the top of a ski area and the sun went down.  I was faced with skiing down in the dark or freezing to death.  I decided to ski then I woke up.  Interpret as you will.

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I generally dream about hookers and blow...doesn't everyone?!?!  :dunno

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Originally Posted by Scott43 View Post

I generally dream about hookers and blow...doesn't everyone?!?!  th_dunno-1%5B1%5D.gif

While skiing, that's one hell of a dream !!!
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My dog stole a pick up truck to chase a cat last night... that was a pretty kooky one. No Bond'esque stuff though. 

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I have to say you all suck at dreaming about skiing.    I regularly dream about skiing, and I'm way better than you.  I have awesome dreams of myself skiing.   I'm usually repeating my best runs of a recent day of skiing, but skiing way better than I did in real life!

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be careful with those dreams. Once while post op on a knee, I was dreaming about a particular run from the week before. Threw the legs up at the critical point and the resulting scream woke up the ward.

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Good; deep powder, steep terrain, big jumps off of cliffs, hitting pillows, racing, going fast, skiing some place new, being at a very cool ski resort, and skiing with my friends.
Bad; no snow, or bad snow, on my way to ski but never get there, scary chair lift rides,skiing on terrain so dangerous I could get hurt bad or killed, and having to wait for people to get up out of bed and get to the mountain.
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Mine are usually bad and fraught with problems ie. getting to the mtn and go to put on my skis but the skis have no bindings or the bindings don't fit my boots or I forgot my skis or boots or both or there is no snow. I always wake to a sinking feeling in my stomach and then say "whew". Interpretation... stress. Need to do more yoga

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Mine are also all in the category of "can't get to the mountain" or "got to the mountain missing some crucial item."  Same wake up with "whew" relief.  Seems to be a pattern here with several respondents.


FYI the eclipse chasers have the same type of dreams, oversleeping or failing to get into the totality path in time.  I can only recall one of those dreams despite traveling to 8 total solar eclipses.  The ski dreams happen a few times a year.  Skiing is more important to me, and has been that way for 35+ years.





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Yeah, pretty funny how many people dream about forgetting gear or there not being enough snow.  Mundane fears manifesting in our subconsciousness maybe?

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Not me. Snow bunnies & powder.
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No! But I once dreamed my hunting buddy was running around hunting camp in my wife's undies. What's up with that?????
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