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How would you compare the Monster i.M 75 Chip to the G4?

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Hi all,

There was a pair of Monsters on ebay and the price was right but didn't pull the trigger because I haven't demod them yet. But, for those of you that have demoed this ski, how would you compare it to the G4.

I have a pair of 178 G4's and they are just too much ski for me right now. I bought them because I couldn't pass up the deal and everyone seemed to rave about their performance. I like their stability but they require so much more work and effort then the XXX I skiied last year that I find myself working so hard that I burn out real early in the day. I know I need to hit the gym and strengthen my legs but I think I like a softer ski. I love my Salomon Equipe 10 3 V's in a 160 without the PowerAxe plate but I hated the CrossMax 10 I demoed last year.

BTW, I weigh 215 lbs. and would say I'm a moderately aggresive level 8 skier.

I don't need a big ski like the XXX but I liked the light feeling it had. I have never been on a XX or the B2 but would like to try them as well.

I like the idea of the versitility of the Monster but if they are going to be comparable to the G4 as far as weight and stiffness/effort to ski, then I think I'm going to have to look else where.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


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In the grand scheme of things, Head Monster 85's are on the stiffer end of the spectrum, but from store flexing and a lot of discussion that I have heard, they are significantly softer than the g4. I have not skied them myself (but do own a pr of g4's). My impression is that the 85's have a similar overall flex to Rex's (maybe a bit less round flex pattern) but are significantly heavier.

Tom / PM

PS - I presume you are comparing apples and apples and are talking about the Monster 85? Last year, there were also Monster 70's, 75's, and 75 lite versions.

PS#2 - BTW, if you are happy on your 10-3v's and xxx's, what exactly do you hope to achieve by buying a mid-80mm ski? You already have almost all conditions covered. If you are making the change just because the xxx's "seem" odd in this area, or "too fat" for the soft snow conditions you encounter, don't worry about it. At your wt, it will be hard to go too fat in soft snow. I know. I'm about the same wt as you.

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I don't think I was clear in my original post.

I don't own a pair of XXX's. I demoed them at Whistler last season and like them a lot. I had my G4's with me but there wasn't enough new snow to have fun on them so I decided to demo a pair of the XXX's one night before a predicted dump that never materialized.

I liked the XXX more then the G4 because of it's light feel compared to my G4's. I don't really need a super fat powder ski yet and think the 75 would be more fun on days when the Equipe 3V wasn't up to the task.

I think what I am learning is that I am more of a finesse skier then a power skier. Seems odd because of my weight and build but I think that's just my style.

Also, I am looking at the Monster i.M 75 chip rather then the 85. I guess I am comparing apples to oranges but I wanted to get a feel for how people compared the the skis (G4 vs. 75) since they are both considered all mountain free ride skis that excel off piste.

I figure if someone who thinks the G4 is stiff and has skied the Monster 75 and say it skis very similar to the G4 in terms of muscle needed to turn it then that would help me get a better feel for the ski until I can demo it, if I can.

In other reviews people have said that the 75 Chip skis like a much bigger ski then it is. They say it's versitale but not lightning quick. I understand that it's not going to be super quick edge to edge but I am guessing that it's quicker then the G4 and not as burly as the G4. But these are only my theories and I'm not real confident in them.

I'm looking at the 170 because I tend not to blast down crud fields at Mach 3 and don't think I need the extra length.

I hope this clears things up.

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What size XXX did you ski? If it was the 178, it is super soft and therefore explains why you are overwhelmed by the G4 in a similar size, as they don't get softer. It would be easy to get rid of the G4 in that size. Have you thought about a B2 or XP? A tad bit soft and narrower, but could be a one quiver stick.
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Sean - When you asked how the "Monsters" compared to the g4's, I assumed you were asking for a comparison of two mid-80 mm skis, ie, the Monster 85 to the g4.

The comparison between the monster 75 and the g4 (at the same length) is much easier than the comparison between the 85 and g4:

The 75 is no wimp, but it will be vastly lighter, quicker, softer, more forgiving, less float, etc. In other words, it will differ from the g4 in exactly the ways you expected. After a year on it, I now think of my 188 g4 as a fast, stiff GS ski that happens to be wide, and not as a versatile, do everything all mountain ski (as some people occasionally claim), unless "everything" means only large-radius turns and *really* fast I personally find my g4 to be great for fast, undeflectable turns in crud in wide open spaces, but is not the ski I would pick for average speeds in nice powder.

The 75 is nice, but there are now a huge number of generally similar skis available. From Peter Keelty's comments, the 75-chip is supposed to be even nicer. If this is the type of ski you are looking for, you will have many choices, and many have are being currently discussed on Epic.

Good luck in your search,

Tom / PM

PS - I just remembered that Oboe demoed the 75 (do a search), and can probably add some insights, however, we are both 50 lbs heavier than him, so this has to be factored in to his impressions of it. What feels good to a 200 lb-er will feel ponderous to a 150 lb-er and visa versa.

PS#2 - I am looking to demo a pr of 75-chips this season myself. They sound good.
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I skied the XXX in a 177. You're right, very soft. Just what I was looking for at the time.

I think I'm going to have to give the B2 a try.


The Basin Ski Shop in Killington has the 75 to demo. Hopefully in a month we'll be able to head up there to test them out.

I've read Oboe's post and you're right about the weight difference. He liked the 70 but he's in the market for that type of ski.

I've looked at the XP and B2 but never skied either one. Hopefully I can next month. Of all the mid fats out there I like the Head and the Elan Mantis 662. On paper anyway. I want to try the Pocket Rockets too.

I want a wider ski with a smaller turning radius so I can learn to play in the woods but still have the float and stability to ski the chopped up left overs that I always seem to find out west.

I think I'll put the G4's up on the For Sale section tonight.

Thanks for the info.

BTW, do you buy a pass up at Whitetail? My wife was an instructor at Liberty last year and she scored me a free one. This year I'll have to buy one. I was wondering if there was a way to get a discount other then teach or join the Men in Green, i.e. the Mountain Hosts.


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Check out - http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/m...3v3n1usa49.htm for info on the Monster 75 v. the Volkl 7 24 Pro

The G4 may be more like the M 85 so your request may be hard to equate.

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The G4 is a narrow big mountain ski that happens to edge well. The Head is a narrow all mountain ski that will be happier on groomers, and making short turns then the G4, but will lack the muscle in crud, and float in powder.
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I've skied both the 75 Chip and the Volkl G4, and I go about 205 lbs. However, the G4 I skied was a 188, while the Head was a 177, so I don't know what the G4 would be like in a 178. I found the G4 to be a thrilling g.s. type ride on the narrow, fast hardpack trails at Cannon, but in the trees and bumps they were hard for me to keep up with, too long and too fast in the 188, at least for me, anyway. I'd have to say the 75 Chip was much easier to turn, power steering compared to the G4, which required a lot more muscle to get the turn started. I would also have to say that the Head was a softer flexing ski than the G4, and they both were similar in weight. I would also confirm that to me the 75 Chip does ski long for a 177, I wouldn't go any longer than that, but on the other hand, the Volkl in a 188 felt like a freight train, felt like I was back on a pair of 205's. Keep in mind, though, I'm comparing a pair of 177's to a pair of 188's, so I don't really know how much help that's going to be.
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Sean - It looks like the responses you have received to your question have been extremely consistent. This should make your decision a bit easier.

WRT Whitetail season passes, I travel on biz a fair ammt, and have a fair number of opportunities to ski away from the DC area. Because of this, I don't like feeling economically locked into only skiing the WT, RT, Liberty triad by buying one of their full season passes. Rather, I either (a) buy a family "Advantage Card" for $134 ( http://www.skiwhitetail.com/card.htm ) or (b) get an unlimited night skiing (with advantage card upgrade) deal through one of the local ski clubs for $165 ( http://www.columbiaskiclub.org/skied/ )

With respect to the "Mountain Hosts" option, other slightly more prestigious options include "Safety Patrol", Ski Patrol, and teaching. A couple of guys keep urging me to become an instructor at WT and I am toying with the idea, but I don't think I have the time to make the commitment.


Tom / PM

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I'm not posting this in response to anything in particular, its just something I've observed which I found interesting, and slightly at odds with what I would have expected. And it has some relevance to this thread.

I've been skiing several times this winter with a young woman who I'd describe as a fairly laid back level 8 skier. She has good technique (her husband is a German L3 instructor) but is not particlarly agressive in her skiing. I'd guess she weighs only about 60kg and doesn't seem to be unusually strong. Think "willowy".

Here's the thing: Her skis - 178cm Volkl G4!!

And she takes on pretty much anything that we show her on those skiis - steep powder, crud, chutes, whatever and skis it all beautifully with a big smile. Actually usually she says "No, it is too steep / rough / narrow" and then proceeds to ski it better than most of us. She's obviously having fun on those skis.

My point? I guess its just "Beware of conventional wisdom".

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Excellent point.

To add more evidence to your comment, there is a woman who sometimes posts on Epic (Altagirl, I think) that also skis g4's and loves them. In a similar vein, last year, my (then) 10 y.o. *very* light wt, willowy daughter hopped on a pair of 168 Explosivs and to my utter astonishment, flabbergasted me by ripping up 2+ feet of heavy chowder on them.

I have a theory about this, but I have no idea if it is correct since I've personally only witnessed this phenomena one time.

I think that when very light weight people get on moderately fat (or wider skis), they sink into the snow so little that they can ski it almost like it was a groomer. In the situation I mentioned above, my daughter sank in only an inch or two, whereas skiing next to her, I sank in about a foot on my 190 Explosives. My weight bent my skis into reverse camber and I was carving on their curved bases, whereas her skiing was almost like surfing the snow - ie, lots of sideways skidding in snow that totally inhibit skidding for normal wt folks. For seriously light weight people, 85 mm skis probably feel the same as the water skis Shane McConkey had on his feet when he skidded sideways most of the way down some Alaskan peak in that recent, well publicised photo.

Just my $0.02,

Tom / PM

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