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The Dog Days of Winter

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For many EpicSki members freestyle skiing has been a part of their daily skiing. Whether its trying to do a Backscratcher or helicopter off a jump or a 360 on the snow, freestyle has had an impact. For me this is the sport I grew up competing in and am still dearly attached to.  Check out this video trailer out for a documentary  film project Brian Gilmore with True Grit productions is producing about the rise of Freestyle Skiing.  Lot's of familiar faces in this documentary like, Wayne Wong, John Clendinin, Suzy Chaffee, Airborne Eddie Ferguson, Genia Fuller just to name a few. The list goes on and on. These Freestyle skiing legends are and always will be my Idols.  
Brian is very near completion and is looking for some funding now to put the exclamation point on this. Here's some of his words,
"So close yet... Currently working with a nearly complete rough cut that tells the story of the spirit and early history that the sport of freestyle is rooted. Still working on acquiring a bit more archival footage and then it's either finish things the way the project has gone to date, bare bones out of pocket and the small loan I'm working from or find some funding to help with finishing costs and pay for music. Either way, it's been an adventure and an honor to collect and share the voices of the incredible men and women who got the party started and sparked the free-style revolution of the early/mid 70's"
You can find more info on True Grit Productions on FaceBook
Please help spread the message about "The Dog Days of Winter"


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Ohh, that's has promise...

What does it mean looking for money? Is there a Kickstarter project?
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habacomike- I'm not sure if there is a Kickstarter project for this endeavor. I do agree 110% with you, this project does have promise. It looks to be very well done,  I've been following Brians progression over the past two seasons as he's been documenting this production. Some great interviews and research has gone into this. If interested you can find Brian's info on the True Grit Productions Facebook page.

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I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed that trailer and really think that it should be put up as a kickstarter campaign 

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This looks really good. It's nice to preserve the history of freestyle.

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